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The Newest Jeep Event: The ADK Jeep Invasion
Being in the industry does have its perks, and traveling 300 days a year can be very challenging. So we have seen and been to a few events, but when an opportunity comes up to see or visit something or someplace new, we get excited! From places we have... Read more
Jeeps, Sand and Sun!  Jeep Beach 2021!
Jeep Beach is one of the largest Jeep only events in the country, attracting 200,000 visitors and 20,000 Jeeps to Daytona Beach, FL in 2019. All 50 states and 26 countries were represented during Jeep Beach Week 2021! Jeep enthusiasts gather annually in April to check out the industry’s... Read more
MJ Adventures: The Hottest Place on Earth
When you think of a desert, do you think flat wasteland of hot lifeless death? Do you think of the history it holds or the stories it possesses? It’s probably the last place anyone wants to explore or visit.      Now that we are back from Death Valley,... Read more
What Was I Thinking?

What Was I Thinking?

Lifestyle February 27, 2021 0

Hi! My name is Jessy and I have a problem….A problem with going overboard….or as you men would say… over packing? I mean what does that really mean? Maybe I like to be over prepared than under prepared?? I am a newbie, a newbie to this thing they call... Read more
Adventure Awaits : MJ Exploring
What does “Adventure Awaits” really mean? This simple phrase means so many things to each individual. So, what does it mean to you? Even if we think we know what it means to us, what does it mean in your life? Are you going on an adventure?  Is your... Read more
MJ Destinations: Gold Bar Rim – Moab, Utah
Gold Bar Rim is a cliff rim that stands 1200 ft above highway 191’s path in Moab Canyon. The cliffs slope downward to the southwest, the rim has a 360 view. The trail is rated a 6 and is suggested that you have lockers front and rear as well... Read more
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s Jeep Jam 2020!
Welcome to the last BIG beach event of 2020 on our CTI tour calendar! The 3rd annual Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam in South Carolina, benefiting the Special Operations Wounded Warriors!    Covid didn’t stop this event from happening, although it was moved to a later date, it was a... Read more
[pics] [Repost] So You Want To Be a Rockstar? Pt. 1
Editor’s Note: As Jessy prepares for Part 2, we thought it would be worthwhile to repost Part 1. When you chose your Jeep, did you just know it was yours? Did you have visions about sitting in the seat with the top off, wind blowing, music up loud, rolling... Read more
MJ Destinations: San Juan Mountains, Imogene Pass, Colorado
One of the Iconic Jeep Badge of Honor trails does not disappoint! My first time was breath taking riding as passenger to get a feel for the trail because everyone who knows me knows my fear of heights.  My first time was terrifying in spots…a lot of spots. But,... Read more
[vid] MJ Destinations: Red Mountain Mining Trails
Take a ride on the mining side! We all know Ouray (and all of Colorado) has a ton of mining sites, but there is a great mining trail with scenic views and lots of mining activity in the Red Mountain Mining area off CR 31. Located off the Million... Read more