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Why Waste Time Airing Down Your Tires?
What is the one thing we do that always seems to waste more time in trying to get on the trails? We take way too much time airing down than we need to. It shouldn’t take time away from having fun wheeling with your friends Why is this when... Read more
Jeep 4XE Named Best 4X4 By Woman’s World Car of the Year Awards!
The innovative Jeep® Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid is the Best 4×4, according to the 2022 Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY) jury, a panel of 56 motoring journalists from 40 countries spanning five continents. Vehicles in the WWCOTY awards are judged for excellence in their segments, based on... Read more
EV Is The Future For Offroad Racing: KOH and Kyle Seggelin
We have electric F1 racing, electric off-road racing, electric rallying and now get ready for electric rock crawling. At this years King of the Hammers, racing organization Ultra4 announced a spec EV class that will begin in July. Upon its launch, 11 of the most innovative Ultra4 teams will... Read more
The Race of Kings: KOH Highlights
What is the worlds toughest one day race on the planet you ask? Well that would be Ultra4 Racing‘s Progressive King of the Hammers powered by Optima Batteries of course! The racers asked for it so Dave Cole made it happen with new trails and a new race course... Read more
“Jeep Girl” Song Goes Viral With Jeremy Rowe!
What is the meaning of “Jeep Girl” ? It can mean a lot of different things, depending on who you ask. Here is one of my favorites: The Jeep Girl is an imaginary creature that is fabled to exist in big built rigs and is not only exceptionally attractive,... Read more
The RimRocker Trail: Ladies only!
What do you say we go on an adventure that involves over 160 miles of dirt, scenic landscape and some backcountry camping?  That’s exactly what we did, but ladies only! I have to admit I was a bit nervous to lead a group all by myself with no cell... Read more
SEMA: The Mopar Concepts 4XE, Overlook, and the M725 Jeep Kaiser
It’s always our go to hall and exhibit isn’t it? I have to say I am the biggest fan, or maybe I’m just partial to Jeeps or the new TRX? Mopar, the parts, service, and customer care division for the U.S. brands now under the Stellantis umbrella—has revealed several... Read more
SEMA – Highlights of 2021!
We are back! After a long year for crazy cancellations and thoughts that the world  may be coming to an end.. we are back! Can you say WOW? I love the new changes to the Convention Center, more space and excellent displays, oh, and even more miles of walking! As... Read more
XPDN3: The Milestar Adventure – Day 3
Rise and Shine! At least it’s not raining on this fine morning except for the layer of fog and dew over the valley that made for some crisp morning air of the Canaan Valley. Day three will be our shortest mileage day, and the hardest trail day yet. After... Read more
XPDN3: Milestar Adventure – Day 2
As we opened our eyes to the breaking sun that was dimmed by the foggy, cloudy and misty morning, Jerry already had coffee brewing and pancakes on the griddle, as everyone gathered to get the day started. All night it had rained off and on so I was not... Read more