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SEMA New Product Winner: TRAC TIRE JACK SEMA New Product Winner: TRAC TIRE JACK
This year at the Sema Show, I was so excited for some of the new product launches! A few in particular caught my eye... SEMA New Product Winner: TRAC TIRE JACK

This year at the Sema Show, I was so excited for some of the new product launches! A few in particular caught my eye and had to go see them for myself. Our own friends and market partners were part of the new product showcase this year, DMOS shovels took 2nd place and TRAC Tire Jack won the grand prize. The TRAC Jack amazed me, but why you ask? For one, changing a tire for us women, especially a big heavy tire, is a big task and we like doing things ourselves right? This is a game changer! Not getting too dirty and breaking my back is a top priority!

It’s simple and GENIUS!!!

This Jack is engineered for effortless tire rotations and new installs, minimizing risk of injury from lifting heavy wheels and tires. Only weighing 5lbs, made of welded steel to last, its not that big and can be towed along with all your recovery gear or put on a mole panel for easy storage. (18.5in (l) x 5in (w) x 2in (h))

If you need to remove or install a tire from a vehicle near the ground, the TRAC Tire Jack simply slides under the tire and carries it off or on the vehicle. There is no need to lift with your back while using the TRAC Tire Jack. Just raise the vehicle from the ground with a floor jack. Place the TRAC Tire Jack under the tire and using leverage simply lift the tire away from the vehicle. Installation is just as easy with simply lifting the tire and sliding it back on the vehicle. Work Smarter not harder, use the jack-not your back.


One of the annual SEMA Show’s many distinctions is its weeklong display of greatness. From new products and innovations to the groundbreaking people driving the specialty aftermarket to new heights, the SEMA Show reflects the industry’s reach for excellence. Perhaps that’s the reason the Show’s award ceremonies resonate so deeply with thousands of Show participants.

“We are pleased to congratulate all the winners that we celebrated throughout numerous events and competitions during the 2022 SEMA Show Week,” said SEMA President and CEO Mike Spagnola. “This is an industry founded on deep-seated passion and the constant enthusiasm to excel at one’s craft—and all our SEMA Show winners and honorees embody that spirit.”

In addition, the Channel Partner of the Year and the Manufacturer of the Year award presentations were moved to the SEMA Show Kickoff Breakfast on Tuesday morning, November 1, at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Held just before the Show’s official opening, the event was previously called the New Products Awards Breakfast. Under its new name, the 2022 event continued its tradition of honoring the Show’s best new products across numerous categories, including two new categories for electric vehicle and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) products.

The banquet further made headlines with the announcement that the SEMA Show is going citywide in Las Vegas, starting this year. Another high point came with the audience of about 3,000 casting the deciding votes via text to name Kevin Robinson, inventor of the TRAC Tire Jack, as the ultimate winner of the 2022 SEMA Launch Pad competition. Winnowed from a field of five Show finalists, he and runner-up Susan Pieper, DMOS Collective CEO, got to pitch their product ideas before panelists Chip Foose, Jared Hare, Myles Kovacs and Alex Parker just before the audience vote.


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