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Where Is The Future Going: CES 2023 Where Is The Future Going: CES 2023
The year is 2023, and the largest electronics convention of its kind is once again making its way to the always exciting city of... Where Is The Future Going: CES 2023

The year is 2023, and the largest electronics convention of its kind is once again making its way to the always exciting city of Las Vegas, Nevada. CES 2023 is here. The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event that originally began as a way to showcase the newest trends in TVs, gadgets and home appliances, has since evolved into something much larger, including new products and services that cater to a wide range of industries.

This year’s event brought the latest and greatest from some of the biggest technology companies, such as Microsoft, Intel, and Google. The event allowed visitors to gain an intimate understanding of the latest home tech and appliances as well as an up-close-and-personal look at the newest software solutions. Attendees explored interactive displays that let them try out the latest virtual and augmented reality systems, as well as robotic solutions for the home.


While most of the event focused on technology, entertainment took center stage with the launch of a virtual gaming tournament between teams from around the world. Showdown, a first-person shooter game, was the star of the show and drew thousands of attendees from around the world to compete.


Overall, CES 2023 lived up to its reputation of being the premier electronics event of the year. With a stunning array of products and services on display, visitors left feeling like they had experienced the future of technology up close.

With all the advances in electronics , whether it be home or auto, CES EXPO is in some way a part of the things we do in our industry.  From advances in car audio to the things we use to be comfy outdoors. As a kid growing up with these new things we call computers and the internet, I was always interested to see all the new adventures in the electronic world. The new all electric Ram Rev, and it’s robotic companion, the Ram Charger, were a shining light and peak into what is coming.

The technology advances of the last 20 years have been so fast I don’t know how we can keep up. EV is coming on strong as well as making our planet safe for future generations. Are we moving too fast? We have still not mastered how we are going forward with this EV thing…..I think it’s moving faster than we can imagine.

Are you on board with this change? Change is very hard, even for me. But as I’ve gotten older I want to be more productive in helping control our waste. We as humans are wasteful, why? If it doesn’t happen fast and right now, we miss the real plan. The plan to help preserve our world. Our society is going forward and I think we should take it down a notch. The technology is there, it just isn’t mastered or non-wasteful in our ploy to move light years into the future.

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