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Forward to the Future; or Back to the Past?
WHO WILL ANSWER FUTURE’S CALL? Activists and advocates in off-road/jeeping recreation seem to be an aging group – no offense intended. Many of us are “gray hairs” and many are working so hard that “burnout” may cause some premature aging. I worry that not enough young folks are taking... Read more
Festive Four Wheeling

Festive Four Wheeling Hot

Lifestyle December 14, 2018 2

It is the Christmas season! The most wheeling-ful time of the year! Depending on where you live, that may or not be a true statement. In areas like the South-West, wheeling in the desert is much nicer in Winter than heading out on the trail in the blazing hot... Read more
[pics] SEMA 2018… The Best of DUB!
  BIG WHEELS, BIG TIRES, AND BIG EYES AT SEMA The 2018 SEMA show in Las Vegas brought in over 70,000 domestic and international buyers and industry representatives…and about the same number of amazing vehicles from all over the planet! According to a few internet searches, the term “Dub”... Read more
Legos? Jeeps? It’s a Match Made in Moab [flashback]
A few years ago ModernJeeper contributor Jake Headlee shared this article about Lego and Jeeps. We found it so much fun we wanted to share it again.   Enjoy, The Editors For many kids around the world, LEGO building blocks and kits are some of the first experiences with creating something... Read more
Remembering December 7, 1941 – A Day That Will Live in Infamy
THE WAR BETWEEN AMERICA AND JAPAN STARTED TODAY IN 1941 In the morning hours of Sunday, December 7th, 1941 a Japanese dive bomber appeared out of the clouds above Hawaii with 360 Japanese war planes following him.  Pearl Harbor was hit by a surprise attack with a ferocity unseen... Read more
[pics] W.E. Rock – Congress, AZ – Flashback 2016
Now and then we just have to bring on a flashback and share stories of note. W.E.ROCK from 2016 is a good example of Motorsports fun that never gets old.  The Editors BRINGING ON THE EXTREME   The World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship Series is not something new. Not... Read more
12 Tips to Being Super Human: Basic Training For ModernJeepers
RULES FOR RECREATIONISTS; BASIC TRAINING FOR LIFE Does it seem to you that not all recreationists follow the same rules? Have you ever encountered an angry land owner upset with someone who did not close his gates? Have you ever had a loaned piece of equipment returned to you... Read more
[interview] Motorsports and Tire Guru — ModernJeeper Mr. Richard Winchester
ModernJeeper grabbed a few minutes with tire icon Richard Winchester who recently retired from Michelin/BFGoodrich Tires.  We dig into what makes someone put nearly 5 decades into the tire business, make dozens of Baja 1000 trips and pre-runs, and attend more off road events across the country than we... Read more
Discoverers, Developers and Merchants — Gold Mines and Land Use
HOW THE OLD WEST AND MODERN LANDUSE ARE SIMILAR The old prospector no longer gave a hoot about all the talk of getting rich during the 1849 gold rush. No matter how he looked at it, it was dang hot and ugly mean in the western desert, and he’d... Read more
Track-n-Tackle Stop ‘n Rob Land Use
WHO IS STOPPING THE ROBBING OF YOUR FREEDOMS AND TRAILS? This article is really about freedom. While the title may be a mouthful with lots of innuendos, it’s still about freedom – our freedom to recreate and enjoy our great outdoors. But there’s a twist here that I’d like... Read more