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LAND USE: The San Rafael Swindle: 7 Things We’ve Learned 5 Years After Passage of Dingell Act
Editor’s Note: A special edition and excerpt from our friends at the Blue Ribbon Coalition! Recently, anti-access wilderness groups celebrated the five year anniversary of the passage of the Dingell Act. This law was passed by Congress and signed into law on March 12, 2019. In Utah this law... Read more
Every Off-Road Trip Needs A Leftie!
Pity the left-handed person. With something like 90 percent of the population right-handed, lefties are at a distinct disadvantage. But it’s not all bad news. In fact, lefties offer unique contributions to society. You’re probably thinking, “Hey, Tom, what do you know about left-handed people?” Quite a bit, actually.... Read more
MJ Destinations: 3 Days in The Mojave National Preserve – Day Three [BONUS MAPS]
If you have been following along or have missed the prior two days of this “unplanned” Adventure, we have covered quite a bit of ground all within the Mojave National Preserve. Day one began from Baker, CA and ended with us camping at the Mid Hills NPS Campground near... Read more
MJ Destinations: 3 Days in The Mojave National Preserve – Day Two
One of the best parts of ANY Adventure is discovering new things. Whether it’s new places, new people, new scenery or just finding a new perspective from which to see things. Traveling for many folks can be intimidating, especially when venturing out into the unknown…but it shouldn’t be. Every... Read more
MJ Destinations: 3 Days in The Mojave National Preserve – Day One
The Mojave National Preserve is that area that many of us have driven past, but never stopped into. It is that large area of land south of Las Vegas, NV; north of Interstate 40; and west of Bullhead City. If you have ever driven south out of Las Vegas... Read more
How To Drive Safely On Gravel Roads
The new year is a good time to revisit some fundamentals of four-wheeling. Key among those is how to drive on gravel and dirt roads. After all, four-wheeling necessarily involves driving on unpaved surfaces. First, we’ll look at the hazards. Then we’ll review steps you can take for safer... Read more
Great Gifts For The Four-Wheeler, Outdoorsperson
I must be working too hard. I fell asleep at the laptop while working on this month’s article. When I woke up, there was an elf at my elbow. The little guy was checking up on me again. (I’m pretty sure I’ve been good all year!) Apparently, he also... Read more
It’s Never A Good Idea To Split The Group
One of the fundamental tenants of four-wheeling is to always travel with at least one other vehicle. Meaning, of course, never go four-wheeling alone. Bad things can happen, even during nice weather in a seemingly benign area. But sometimes it’s necessary for a vehicle to leave the group. Implementing... Read more
Thank God for Junkyards
Bruce was in a bind. While far into the Rubicon Trail, both axles on his Wrangler broke. Inquiring into how that happened, he had no idea. Maybe they were just worn out! Hopping in a buddy’s car, they drove out to get cell coverage. Bruce dialed up a junkyard... Read more
Interview with a Bear on the Rubicon Trail
Ah, another night, another raid. Those humans sure do keep it interesting. One night we hit the jackpot. Another night, it’s zippo. As in nothing. You just never know what to expect. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Learning the ropes quickly Hello, I’m Frank. A native of South... Read more