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Freedom is Never Free – A Message from ModernJeeper
Today is Memorial Day. And though some in the media and entertainment spot light seem to think so, it is NOT Veteran’s Day. Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day are vastly different holidays that were created to help us remember two very distinct types of Military Service Men and Women.... Read more
[Wow pics!] Day Tripping: BuckHorn Lakes State Park – Colorado
Most that know me know I hate sitting around, especially when it is nice outside. With the Covid19 mass hysteria running rampant, like many people, it has hit me hard. Even if it’s just for a few hours in my jeep driving, it fills my soul. Since I have... Read more
A Little Calamity, A Little Scratch ‘N Dent – Montrose Rock Crawling
I know you are sick of sitting around and are ready to wheel right? Well we got to go out for a few hours to distance ourselves from the house! Over It! Done! I have my new Raceline Avenger beadlocks on my 37” Milestar Patagonia M/T tires and I... Read more
[pics] Events! What We Know and What We Look Forward To!
2019 was a year of attending events that we had not been to in the past. During 2019, the MetalCloak CTI Tour travelled to 20 of the larger off-road events around the country, covering more than 41,000 miles. 2020, while starting off with a bang, has changed the Jeep... Read more
Have Your Own Belated Jeep Beach!
It’s a crazy time for everyone right now. Many of us are struggling to maintain a good life balance and juggle all the hardships the COVID pandemic has caused, myself included. We all saw 2020 going so differently, but that doesn’t mean we can’t turn this year around. With... Read more
[pics] Smell the Dirt Road Before Its Too Late! Social Distancing Since 1941
Do that trail. Go to that Park. Take that trip! Quick! Before its too late! How is it that we all have become so rushed? I left a career of rushed. Some of my first jobs were in roles where time was of the essence. McDonalds. A photo lab.... Read more
Don’t Be A Fool — Stop For Fuel!
Editor’s Note: With gas prices being cheap right now and with the understanding that many of us can’t go to the places we would like to, our friend Tom Severin provides us another perspective of traveling into the remote area of Death Valley. It’s amazing how some things can... Read more
[pics] ADVENTURE GUIDE: Dispersed Camping on Public & Private Lands
As we make our way closer to normalcy across our country, we here at Modern Jeeper believe that practicing safe distancing, while finding the things that provide us with positive mental health, are of utmost importance. With the news outlets FULL of information telling us what we can’t do,... Read more
COVID-19 Won’t Conquer Us!
Editors Note: A special edition from Tom Severin, To say these are unprecedented times would be an understatement. Some people are saying the U.S. hasn’t seen this type of crisis since the Great Depression. Businesses are closed, with the hospitality sector taking a real beating. Bars, restaurants, theaters,... Read more
[pics] SEMA 2015 – A Look Back in Time
Way back in 2015, The SEMA Show felt different. For me, going back through some of these images seemed to capture the feelings and people from what seems like a lifetime ago! We hope you enjoy taking a step back in time, to see some smiling faces, to remember... Read more