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Be Aware! Things to Know About Trail Etiquette
SOME UNWRITTEN RULES OF THE OFF-ROAD CULTURE Have you ever had to start a new job? The first few weeks at that new company, you kind of need to lay low and get the lay of the land to see how things work there. Every company is different, and... Read more
Four-Wheeling Faux Pas

Four-Wheeling Faux Pas Hot

Lifestyle April 20, 2019 1

THINGS WE SHOULD NOT DO TO OUR RIGS This past weekend, my sons and I loaded up the flat fender on the trailer and headed off to Hollister Hills to do some wheeling with the 4×4 club TDO. The second I pulled my tow rig to a stop at... Read more
[Catie’s Corner] Jeep Riding Through The Redwoods
JEEPING THROUGH THE GIANTS Exploring the Redwoods is something that has always been on my bucket list. During my time in the Pacific Northwest, I took a few trips down Route 101 to adventure through a forest of the tallest trees in the world. The experience was unreal! Redwoods... Read more
Shocking!  Erosion is a Beautiful Thing
THE BEAUTY OF NATURE CAUSED BY THIS UGLY WORD (Photos by author) When I wrote this, I had just returned from a marvelous visit to southern Utah and several National Parks. I couldn’t believe how beautiful erosion could be. Yes, erosion. This area of the United States has been... Read more
Congress Critters and Your Relationship with Freedom
JEEPING FREEDOM IS A TENUOUS LIFESTYLE The lifestyle we enjoy called Jeeping depends on Your relationship with Your congressperson.  If you want to continue to bounce your rig around places like Moab (featured pic), then you’d best think about what is offered here. Author in the middle (about 2002)... Read more
Caution! My First Real Wacko Encounter
HOW ABOUT A FIST FIGHT IN A GAS STATION? About 15 years ago, when I had only a couple decades of land use and access involvement, I finally met my first real “wacko.” I don’t mean the harmless, dress up a like an owl and parade around town kind,... Read more
Revealed! Five “Must Join” 4×4 Social Media Groups
ONLINE TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPS AND CLUBS Technology has changed the world, and ourselves, more than most of us realize. People tend to see technology as a good thing, but with our constant quest for new technology, it seems that we do not think about the negative consequences... Read more
[pics] The Gladiator takes Jeep’s Concepts to a Whole New Level
It has become a tradition. Whether you head to Easter Jeep Safari for the slick rock, for the iconic Moab landscapes or for the sea of Jeeps… you definitely go to see Jeep’s latest concepts. Each year, the team at Mopar Underground have the “tough” job of taking the... Read more
[catie’s corner] On The Road With Catie
Welcome our newest ModernJeeper contributor, Catie Mean, known as “Make Her Mean” in the Jeep world.  She’ll be writing for us and sharing her travels in what we’ll call, Catie’s Corner. The Editors Hey everyone! My name is Catie. I’m roadtripping around the USA and Canada in my Jeep... Read more
The Case for Forest Roads
John Muir is often portrayed as a naturalist that wanted nothing more than to preserve our western forests. That view of Muir is not entirely correct. Most people today do not realize that John Muir was actually an advocate for access. Many of his descriptive writings about Yosemite were... Read more