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Don’t Let Inclement Weather Dampen Camping Experience
You pull up to the campsite after a long day on the trails. You’re tired and anxious for the evening to begin. A light drizzle has followed you along all afternoon, with no end in sight. So much for relaxing around the campfire. What to do? Get creative during... Read more
Egos and Personalities May Be Our Downfall
They Are Killing Our Access! Is your club ticked off at a neighboring club?  Are you drifting away from your club because of the behavior of a few folks?  Do you find yourself attending fewer club/group meetings these days?  Do you feel like your opinion does not count? Are... Read more
Note To Self: Add Some Space!
Editor’s note: Todays article is from a special guest and friend that many of you know; writer, coach, artist and “do-er”, Shelley Krehbiel. She produces a newsletter that you can sign up for to get your own copy each week, click HERE to get on that list!   I... Read more
Be A Good Sport: Tread Lightly
The nation (and world) continues to bounce back from the from the pandemic. A sure sign of that can be found in the large crowds that visit our parks, national forests and other public lands. While it’s nice to see so many people enjoying the outdoors, there is greater... Read more
7 Goodies About Government Good to Know
How to Win with Bureaucrats and Politicians Effectively EDITOR’S NOTE: This article plays into upcoming legislation and real issues that we need to pay attention to (see The Repair Act), which we will discuss in later articles. Our Jeeping lifestyle depends on government – land managers, federal bureaucrats, agency... Read more
Relics, Rust, Rhyolite, and Canyons Resonating with History
Death Valley Area Has it All. I parked the Jeep at the end of desert wash canyon road, alongside some blooming Mesquite bushes, enjoying the spring air in Death Valley. The desert in spring has a fragrance to it you cannot find anyplace else – almost like a vegetarian,... Read more
Arts and Crafts Day – For Guys Too!
When its cold outside and we regress into our homes…if you are like me…we look for projects to keep our minds busy. Granted, I live in an amazing place on the western slope of Colorado, but I have never really been a “winter sport” kind of guy. So when... Read more
The True Story of the Nibblers
A Sad Commentary on California Land Use Groups and Efforts The “nibblers” are after your freedoms. Like a squirrel, they want to nibble away at everything you hold precious – from guns, access, how your kids are educated, what bible you follow, how you recreate, and more. “They” have... Read more
Talladega…and the International Motorsports Hall of Fame!
Ok, I’ll admit that this is less about Jeeps, and more about the enthusiast side of who we are as Jeepers. I thought it would be cool to share with you all a few of the unique places that I have had the opportunity to visit over the years... Read more
2023 Landuse and Access Outlook
For Better or For Worse; We’re Still Jeepers! Where will we be wheeling and exploring this new year? After all, we are all jeepers who want to explore, four-wheel, and just get outside.  But, what effect will our recent history have on our access to public lands? Allow me... Read more