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Armorlite: The Toughest Floor On The Trail Armorlite: The Toughest Floor On The Trail
When I initially purchased my JK, Rockstar, in 2016, the interior was pretty bare. She had no padding on any of the roll bars... Armorlite: The Toughest Floor On The Trail

When I initially purchased my JK, Rockstar, in 2016, the interior was pretty bare. She had no padding on any of the roll bars and most of the plastic interior pieces were missing, including the flooring.  Not that I minded because this would be my “Crawler” jeep, so it was an easy clean-up after playing in the dirt. But, as we all know, the floor of any jeep can get VERY hot…so you would understand my quest to make the floor cooler. In the winter the floor was so hot that sometimes I didn’t even run the heater to stay warm, and everything was hot to the touch inside.

I was on the hunt for something that worked to keep my poor feet from burning on the floor. There are only a few solutions for this problem and doing more research on those brands was important to make the right decision. Well, I still wasn’t impressed with anything that was out there and to spend hundreds of dollars on something that was just “ok” , meant I would just deal with my towel on the floor for now.

But when Florida Jeep Jam in 2021 came about, I met a new upcoming Jeep flooring company. Armorlite it is called…. So I went and checked out their booth at the show. I was so impressed with the product that I decided to ask some people whom had it and their thoughts. Turns out this flooring is made OEM style and easy to install. But will it keep the heat at bay? I asked many questions and they had all the answers, and a great manufacturing processes AND the data.

From Armorlite:

We developed Armorlite on the trail, gathering feedback from wheelers and trail guides. We took this feed back and engineered a product that filled in the blank left in this market. Clearly carpet was not meant to be here, and spray in liners left the floors scorching hot and did nothing to reduce road noise. Our team of engineers with decades of experience developing interior and NVH products for the OEMs were given the task to tackle these issues with everything we got. The result was Armorlite, a proprietary TPO surface designed for the trail and worthy of a lifetime warranty, backed by a structure that never loses its shape and rigidity, and a thick polyester insulator capable of reducing floor temps 140 degrees! Plus it was constructed in a way that our customers could install it with basic tools at home.


1. Protective Layer
Designed to take on anything the road or trail has to offer. Prevents scratching and marring, offers excellent grip and water protection.

2. Structural Layer
This layer bonds the topcoat to the dense thermal insulator and provides the stiffness to achieve exact vehicle fit.

3. Heat and Noise Insulator
Unrivaled thermal protection for the entire floor surface, with the added benefit of sound management.


It’s Not a Mat
Carpet comes out Armorlite goes in. Seamless appearance and won’t slide around, our replacement flooring eliminates the need for throw-in mats.

Armorlite uses a proprietary TPO top surface that provides grip in the toughest of conditions, backed by a structural layer that never loses its shape.

Superior Fit
The structural rigidity is engineered using OEM cad data as well as the most sophisticated 3D scan technology for a perfect fit that far exceeds the fit of the factory carpet and/or competitive floor coverings.


Max Durability: Optimal Traction: Unique Styling: Factory Fit: Easy to Clean: Water Drainage…

Thermal Protection : The only full-coverage flooring system built to keep heat out of the cabin, Armorlite products endure extensive thermal and acoustical testing on the company’s dynamometer.

After over a year of testing in my Jeep “Rockstar”… I am convinced that it is the best accessory in my Jeep by far!

The toughest flooring on the trail!




Stay tuned as they release new product lines for the TJ and LJ models as well!


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