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SEMA – Highlights of 2021!
We are back! After a long year for crazy cancellations and thoughts that the world  may be coming to an end.. we are back! Can you say WOW? I love the new changes to the Convention Center, more space and excellent displays, oh, and even more miles of walking! As... Read more
XPDN3: The Milestar Adventure – Day 3
Rise and Shine! At least it’s not raining on this fine morning except for the layer of fog and dew over the valley that made for some crisp morning air of the Canaan Valley. Day three will be our shortest mileage day, and the hardest trail day yet. After... Read more
XPDN3: Milestar Adventure – Day 2
As we opened our eyes to the breaking sun that was dimmed by the foggy, cloudy and misty morning, Jerry already had coffee brewing and pancakes on the griddle, as everyone gathered to get the day started. All night it had rained off and on so I was not... Read more
XPDN3: Appalachia a Milestar Adventure Day 1
The term “ getting lost” almost means finding yourself, especially in this day and age, the way our country is going right now, more people are out “getting lost”.  This adventure was no exception! Getting back to some real Old American values, that seem somewhat lost now-a-days. The world... Read more
The Morrison Jeep Trail – Wyoming
Ever wonder what a 27 tight switchback trail would be like? In Park County, Wyoming there is such a trail called the Morrison Jeep Trail. I will say that this trail takes 100% concentration and commitment for each of the turns. It’s not for sissies or novice drivers. Although... Read more
All 4 Fun: Holy Cross & Things That Go Boom!
The Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado hosts an event each year in Colorado known as : All-4-Fun. This year was a smaller one, due to COVID restrictions of course, and despite all of the rain, it was still a great event. Being that this was my first time at... Read more
National Museum Of Military Vehicles
If you are ever in Wyoming and find yourself with some time, there is a place every jeep enthusiast should stop. In fact, if you aren’t anywhere near Wyoming and have some time…there is a place that you should visit. Located in Dubois, the National Museum of Military Vehicles... Read more
Back to Bantam 2021
We return to the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival as it gets under way in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania at the Cooper’s Lake Campground! We had the opportunity to go back to the place it all started…the birthplace for Jeep, Butler Pennsylvania. The tribute and history behind the legendary Jeep heritage... Read more
The Newest Jeep Event: The ADK Jeep Invasion
Being in the industry does have its perks, and traveling 300 days a year can be very challenging. So we have seen and been to a few events, but when an opportunity comes up to see or visit something or someplace new, we get excited! From places we have... Read more
Jeeps, Sand and Sun!  Jeep Beach 2021!
Jeep Beach is one of the largest Jeep only events in the country, attracting 200,000 visitors and 20,000 Jeeps to Daytona Beach, FL in 2019. All 50 states and 26 countries were represented during Jeep Beach Week 2021! Jeep enthusiasts gather annually in April to check out the industry’s... Read more