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Jeep® Brand Celebrates ‘Earth Day’!
The Jeep® brand’s newest social media video, arriving on Earth Day, brings together the animals of the world via a video conference call to mark the arrival of the new 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe, and it appears they’re not much better at the calls than their human counterparts. In... Read more
Jeep’s Latest Offering – Half Doors!
We have heard and talked about them on Social Media for weeks. Now we have some updated information. Although still not available for the Jeep Gladiator, the new Dual-Door Group is available now for two- and four-door models of Jeep Wrangler Sport, Rubicon; Sahara, Rubicon 392 and the coming... Read more
The 2021 Jeep Concepts Come To Moab!
Jeep always amazes us with their concept vehicles that they bring to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari…and this year was no different! If you missed this weeks ModernJeeper Podcast/Video, you can take a look at it here where we do a quick walk around the Jeep display as well.... Read more
Jeep Charging Stations Begin To Appear
We are already seeing them in and around Moab, Utah… And what will it cost to charge up that new Jeep hybrid? Nothing… Unveiled today as part of this year’s Easter Jeep® Safari, the Jeep brand is taking electrified propulsion beyond the paved road with the innovative 2021 Jeep... Read more
Cherokee Nation to Jeep:  “Time to Rebrand!”
The era of rebranding is upon us… from Mr & Mrs Potato Head to Aunt Jemima to the Washington Redskins — organizations across the nation have found reason to change their brand to meet a changing consumer base. Now the Cherokee Nation, which... Read more
Jeep Wrangler To Compete With “Hardcore Rigs” In India
The Jeep Wrangler has been sold in India before, but they were brought in already assembled. Now they will be assembled in India. IndianAutosBlog reports that this should make the Wrangler more affordable. Earlier this year, we reported to you that Jeep will soon commence local assembly of the... Read more
Jeeps Recalls Manual Wranglers and Gladiators
Jeep is recalling 46,500 Gladiator pickups and Wranglers SUVs with manual transmissions because of the potential for the clutch assembly to overheat, creating a fire risk. The recall affects 42,193 manual 2018-2021 Wranglers and 2020-2021 Gladiators only with a V-6 engine in the United States. Parent company Stellantis NV is unaware of... Read more
How Jeeps Are Made!
A special report from Business Insider: On a very rare occasion, cameras were allowed inside the Toledo Ohio Complex where the Wranglers are built! Click to see the video here The folks at this plant can produce 50 Jeep Wranglers an hour! They’re produced here, at Jeep’s Toledo complex... Read more
Move Over Siri, Alexa Is Coming Over!
As we all know, technology never stops evolving…or listening. Does it bother you that so many of these “devices” listen to our conversations just waiting to help us? Well, as our devices become more interactive with our vehicles, our vehicles are becoming more interactive with everything else.   Our... Read more
Jeep Releases Pricing For The 4-By-E!
Since it’s the day after Christmas, we figured now would be a good time to talk about the pennies you may have left in your wallet.   If you’ve been following Jeeps newest creation, the Wrangler 4xe, with its 2.0-liter turbo four with a high-voltage, liquid-cooled motor generator, (that replaces... Read more