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Jeep Gladiator is the Truck of the Year!
FCA execs state that the “Gladiator is 100 percent Jeep and 100 percent truck”! And we agree! Each year Four Wheeler puts a number of vehicles against each other to determine who comes out on top of the best the off-road industry has to offer. Four Wheel put the... Read more
FLASHBACK: Meet the Trailcat – Hellcat Powered Superjeep!
Editor’s Note: Taking a look back 4 years ago at the Trailcat still makes us smile. Last week Jeep rolled out it’s annual concept rigs… these are the cool, Mopar-built, concept Jeeps that we all drool over and use to speculate about future models… only to be disappointed when... Read more
[vid] Latest Crash Test Shows 4-Door Wrangler Tipping Over
Rollovers. We as avid off-road folks don’t think much when a Jeep rolls over…when it’s doing extreme stuff off road. When the newest 4 door Wrangler hit a barrier at 40 miles an hour during the two random audit tests conducted by the Insurance Institute, tipped onto it’s side,... Read more
[vid] Jeep And Ram Owners File A Lawsuit Against FCA US, LLC
Manufacturers have always been challenged with providing high quality products with controlled costs in order to meet the demand of the automobile purchasers, us. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was founded in 1970, and part of its mission was to make manufacturers adhere to strict standards and... Read more
Where Can We Go & What Can We Do?
A great article in Outside Magazine said it well: “You can still go outside and recreate, Caplan said—but go outside with your dog. Don’t be hanging around with other people. “Again, we’re talking about a month. It’s not like the cruelest confinement ever imposed on a human being,” …”... Read more
Buy a New Jeep! Drive Forward with Employee Pricing & Incentives!
FCA Employee Pricing equates to a five percent reduction to the dealer’s invoice price plus a $200 fee. As an example, CarsDirect computed that the Wrangler Unlimited Sahara Edition’s price can go down from $38,645 to $35,296, exclusive of destination charge. As for the Gladiator, the price goes down by... Read more
The “Rona” and Upcoming Jeep Events
The “Rona” got you down? Me too! With everything shutting down and closing, that means all of our Jeep events are cancelling or rescheduling as well. We are all sitting at home dreaming of seeing our jeep friends again. So what the heck is going on with our events?... Read more
Warn Industries Acquires Factor 55!
Editor Note: While recent events have disrupted our daily lives and activities, the off-road industry continues to do business and make changes as it needs to in order to better support its customers. Factor 55 Joins Warn Industries Clackamas, OR (March 18, 2020) – Warn Industries (WARN) today announced... Read more
Jeep “Death Wobble” Lawsuit Filed in California
ModernJeepers know about “death wobble.” It’s on our forums, websites, blogs and sometimes in our hands. Our friends at CarComplaints reported this lawsuit and we wanted to share the info with you.  Previous coverage from ModernJeeper at the bottom of the article.  The Editors.   March 11, 2020 —... Read more
[UPDATED WITH NEW INFORMATION] COVID-19, Looks like you Won… for now.
EDITORS UPDATE:  On Tuesday, March 17, the City of Moab, Utah complied with a county mandate to shut down at 10:00 PM and to not re-open for 30 days. All restaurants, gift shops, hotels and vacation rental units have been ordered to cease operations for 30 days and all... Read more