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Synthetic Rope For Winching
Every four-wheeler at some point needs to use a winch. The type of rope used is vitally important. I suggest synthetic rope, even though it’s more expensive than steel and is susceptible to abrasions. It’s far stronger: A 3/8” synthetic rope of Amsteel-Blue has an average breaking strength of... Read more
How To Drive Safely On Gravel Roads
The new year is a good time to revisit some fundamentals of four-wheeling. Key among those is how to drive on gravel and dirt roads. After all, four-wheeling necessarily involves driving on unpaved surfaces. First, we’ll look at the hazards. Then we’ll review steps you can take for safer... Read more
Give Yourself A Step Up With Rocklander Hinge Steps!
Do you ever start a Jeep project and think, “Uh oh, what have I got myself into”? How many times do our projects require multiple repetitve tasks? Do you ever wish you could just start on the second one of those repeat items…since the first one didn’t quite go... Read more
Use That Magnet! Repurposing A Great Product!
Have you ever purchased a “kit” that came with many options but you only used one of those options and then had left over parts? We usually hold onto the good stuff that is left over, just in case we need it in the future right? Well after a... Read more
Armorlite Flooring For An LJ? Yes and Many Others!
What or rather who is Armorlite? Well, here is an excerpt from Armorlite directly: The Next Wave in Vehicle Flooring Armorlite goes where throw‑in mats can’t, providing an entirely new level of durability, style and performance in a complete replacement flooring system. Initially offered for Jeep® Wrangler JK models,... Read more
Badlands Off Road Adventures Clinic!
We had a very successful AWD only clinic in February. We are planning another clinic for March 18th in Borrego Springs, CA.  This all-day clinic will provide the knowledge and skills to drive an AWD vehicle off-road. The clinic is schedule for March 18th from 8:30am to 4:30 pm.... Read more
Do You Know Mac’s Minutes?
As Jeepers and off-roaders, many of us are familiar with how to tie things down, but does everyone do it correctly? We have all seen images of rigs improperly secured to trailers and even gear improperly secured to rigs, and unfortunately, some of us have seen the consequences of... Read more
MJ Garage: Short Tips To Help You In Your Garage 2
Did you not get exactly what you wanted for Christmas? Were you thinking more along the lines of “I wish I had some help getting more organized in my garage (or shop)”? Well, even if that isn’t what you were thinking, the folks at Metalcloak continue to give us... Read more
Can A Mobile Fridge Be Too Big? [Part Two]
In the first part of this segment, I talked about the experiences I have had with past “Adventure” refrigerators…you know, the mobile 12v kind. The kind that we want to use and abuse and never have to worry about. The kind where we know our stuff will be kept cold... Read more
MJ Garage: Short Tips To Help You In Your Garage
We decided that we should share all of those quick tips and tricks from working at home, in our garage, that we have learned over the years with our followers! Hopefully there are a few things along the way that will help us stay motivated as well as organized... Read more