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TDS Desert Safari Rocks and Rolls it for the 57th Time
SUPPORTING LAND USE FOR A LIFETIME Mach 1-3, 2019, the Tierra Del Sol 4Wheel Drive Club of San Diego will bring it again with the 57th Annual Desert Safari, and it looks to be a great event!  Not only that, this club really jumps in the game to support... Read more
12 Key Points in Governing Public Lands — NEPA Crash Course
THE GOVERNING PROCESS FOR MANAGING OUR LANDS Keeping trails, riding areas, and back country roads open depends on access.  Keeping that access depends on land management policies and procedures which depend on environmental issues and concerns.  Those environmental issues and concerns are reviewed through “NEPA” and dictate every action... Read more
Legal Land Use — What is Intervention in Court?
FILE A CASE OR JUST INTERVENE? You may have heard about one of our off-road groups “intervening” in a court action. This is not the same as filing a lawsuit. Herein we will explain what it means to be an “intervenor” in a court action, and why it is... Read more
Land Use and the “Love Month”
Flashback Fun with the Love Month, by ModernJeepers Del & Stacie Albright February is around the corner, and a great month.  Some call it the “love month,” what with Valentine’s Day and sunshine on the way.  Seems to us there is also a lot of November birthdays out there... Read more
The Three C’s of Merging Traffic
WHAT HAPPENED TO COURTESY, COMMON SENSE AND CITIZENSHIP? Here’s the scene. You’re driving your rig hauling your toys in the slow lane of a freeway. You’re at the speed limit plus a few so you won’t get a ticket but can sort of keep up with the flow of... Read more
They Are After Our Kids — Hearts and Minds
I FEEL LIKE I’M BEING CHASED BY A ‘GRIZZ It looks and feels like brainwashing by some bureaucrats and public schools.  Here’s my take. During a boat tour in Alaska years ago, sight-seeing the famous Kenai Fjords (glaciers and such), I was once again stabbed in the back by... Read more
The Gazebo

The Gazebo

Land Use Updates December 18, 2018 2

AN ANALOGY ABOUT THE MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC LANDS AND THE PEOPLE THAT USE THE LAND Once upon a time, there was a beautiful gazebo, surrounded by a well manicured park, in the middle of a small town square. Built many years ago with tax dollars, the gazebo was public... Read more
Forward to the Future; or Back to the Past?
WHO WILL ANSWER FUTURE’S CALL? Activists and advocates in off-road/jeeping recreation seem to be an aging group – no offense intended. Many of us are “gray hairs” and many are working so hard that “burnout” may cause some premature aging. I worry that not enough young folks are taking... Read more
Discoverers, Developers and Merchants — Gold Mines and Land Use
HOW THE OLD WEST AND MODERN LANDUSE ARE SIMILAR The old prospector no longer gave a hoot about all the talk of getting rich during the 1849 gold rush. No matter how he looked at it, it was dang hot and ugly mean in the western desert, and he’d... Read more
Track-n-Tackle Stop ‘n Rob Land Use
WHO IS STOPPING THE ROBBING OF YOUR FREEDOMS AND TRAILS? This article is really about freedom. While the title may be a mouthful with lots of innuendos, it’s still about freedom – our freedom to recreate and enjoy our great outdoors. But there’s a twist here that I’d like... Read more