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The Three C’s of Merging Traffic
WHAT HAPPENED TO COURTESY, COMMON SENSE AND CITIZENSHIP? Here’s the scene. You’re driving your rig hauling your toys in the slow lane of a freeway. You’re at the speed limit plus a few so you won’t get a ticket but can sort of keep up with the flow of... Read more
Kansas Rocks with Off-Road Education
BRINGING FUN AND EDUCATION FROM THE “ROCKS” — KSROCKS! Special to ModernJeeper by David Killion At Kansas Rocks Recreation Park, we have developed a beginner Off Road 101 course to help new people in the sport learn the right way to enjoy off roading and the beautiful outdoors. It... Read more
HAM It Up! Borrego Fest Adventures in the Desert
HAM RADIO OPERATORS TAKE ON THE DESERT BORREGO FEST WITH OUTDOOR ADVENTURE USA Special to ModernJeeper by Tom Severin and Dave Kupfer (Outdoor Adventures USA, LLC) In 2006, a group of 4-wheelers, who had been exploring some of the most remote locations in the American South West, realized the... Read more
Flashback! Former Kings Battle for the KOH Crown [pics][vid]
Remembering KOH from last year — Hammertown is around the corner! The editors February 10, 2018 (Hammertown, CA) – For the second time in his off-road career, Jason Scherer climbed high on the podium at the 2018 Nitto King of the Hammers Powered by OPTIMA Batteries in Johnson Valley, California. Scherer... Read more
They Are After Our Kids — Hearts and Minds
I FEEL LIKE I’M BEING CHASED BY A ‘GRIZZ It looks and feels like brainwashing by some bureaucrats and public schools.  Here’s my take. During a boat tour in Alaska years ago, sight-seeing the famous Kenai Fjords (glaciers and such), I was once again stabbed in the back by... Read more
Managing Your Piles and Emails with a good “Habit”
“Redistributing” – aka Managing Your Emails and Piles It’s All About “Habits” (by Del & Stacie Albright) First off, if we really followed all the great guidelines in this article, we would be super-human! But we do follow many of them; and if you are able to follow some... Read more
[pics] Hiking in the San Rafael Swell – A ModernJeeper’s Tale
By Pete Kaufman, Special to ModernJeeper I retired in 2011 after a career in mechanical engineering at a research lab at Penn State University in central Pennsylvania. In February 2012, I moved to Moab, Utah to pursue more outdoor adventures in a warmer and sunnier place. As an avid... Read more
[pics] Jeeping Jessy Tells All… My First SEMA Show! [but not the last]
A Jeeping Girl’s Perspective on SEMA In all of the automotive world, the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas is the highlight of the year. Many want to go but always ask  “is it worth going?” It has always been a “bucket list” item of mine... Read more
Mysteries Behind Maps — What Every Jeeper Should Know
Special to ModernJeeper by Tom Severin of Badlands Offroad Adventures (also the guide of our Feb. 2019 Death Valley ModernJeeper Adventure). The Editors UNDERSTANDING THE PUBLIC LAND SURVEY SYSTEM In 2009, I needed to renew my permit to guide trips on the Mojave Road starting on the Colorado River... Read more
A JL on Leaf Springs? Why Not?
UNOFFICIAL USE ONLY BRINGS IT AT SEMA Greg Henderson, the President of Unofficial Use Only, took a step back for one of their SEMA builds this year…back to utilizing some tried and true suspension systems on a brand new Jeep JL! According to Unofficial Use Only, the  J18 is... Read more