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Carnegie SVRA Reprieve by Governor Newsom Carnegie SVRA Reprieve by Governor Newsom
Woke Newsom Veto of Carnegie Bill Op Ed by Don Amador Late in the evening on October 11, 2019, off-road enthusiasts felt an 8.5... Carnegie SVRA Reprieve by Governor Newsom

Woke Newsom Veto of Carnegie Bill

Op Ed by Don Amador

Late in the evening on October 11, 2019, off-road enthusiasts felt an 8.5 magnitude “political” earthquake when California Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed Senator Ken Glazer’s “let’s sell off Carnegie SVRA”  legislation (AB 1086).

As a 30 year veteran of many state and federal land-use political battles, I learned some time ago that OHV and other forms of recreation and their respective advocates often have a lot more in common than not.

While there will always be hard-core anti-OHV advocates and organizations that continue to champion their closure agenda in the political arena, there are a growing number of conservation-minded representatives that have come to appreciate and respect the motorized community’s commitment to sustainable travel management plans and policies.

Politicians and administrative leads have also noted OHV’s seismic shift over the last decade or two from a recreation activity that focused solely on “being able to ride when/where I want” to a sport that has embraced  substantive conservation and restoration programs, trail ethics and education, cultural and natural resource protection, volunteerism, and law enforcement.

That “woke” status of government officials did not happen by accident.   It came as a result of the maturation of OHV advocacy where a team of professional lobbyists, consultants, OHV commissioners, and engaged off-roaders wrote letters, attended meetings, gave testimony at hearings, and made personal contacts with elected politicians.

Additional “skin-in-the-game” cross-pollination over the last few years between OHV and conservation groups, agency representatives, and other stakeholders at forest-health or wildfire collaboratives has also become part of modern OHV advocacy and has not gone unnoticed.

Former OHMVR Commissioner, Don Amador, in Metalcloak’s Flagship Jeep that helped facilitate public participation in the OHV Commission Rubicon Tour

The Newsom veto was not so much about his support of off-roading but more about his recognition of the California OHV Program’s ongoing commitment to sustainable recreation and hard work by the OHV advocacy team to promote and protect access to designated roads, trails, and areas.

ModernJeeper contributor, Don Amador

Don Amador Author

Don Amador has 28 years of experience in the field of OHV recreation management and federal/state land-use policy. Don is president of Quiet Warrior Racing/Consulting, an OHV recreation consulting company. Don also serves as Core-Team Lead for FireScape Mendocino, a forest-health collaborative that is part of the National Fire Learning Network. Don is a contributor to

  • Dave Pickett

    October 30, 2019 #1 Author

    Don, outstanding commentary here and true to the fact. OHV Enthusiasts of all stripes need to continue to be involved, and take heed of OHV leadership who works hard to keep up to speed on issues that affect THEM and to respond and engage personally to protect OHV recreation. God bless Ditstrict 36 for the formation of the D36 Legislative Action Office program, founded back in 1988 by the Board of Directors of D36 back some 30+ years ago.
    D36 has become a respected stakeholder in all things OHV on the County, State & Federal levels, earning said respect, let alone the engagement of many stakeholders groups for historical data, decades of involvement, and working WITH these agencies of OHV in a one on one basis.
    Thanks for the continued involvement as LAO for D36 and the battles that lay ahead.
    Dave Pickett Current Past D36 Legislative Action Officer
    Life Member D36


  • Don Amador

    October 30, 2019 #2 Author

    Dave, thanks for your feedback on our OHV advocacy efforts. I also want to thank you for your advocacy work over the years for our sport! It has and continues to make a difference.



    November 4, 2019 #3 Author

    Thank you for the kind words. As an OHV’er for 50 years now, I will stay engaged and help where I can. I am VERY pleased that fellow D36 Member TED CABRAL has decided to run for State Assembly! OHV folks can be a vast resource IF united in our state and on the federal level. Again, thank you for many decades of land use protection efforts for all!


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