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From the Rim of Hell to the Garden of Eden; The Death Valley Adventure From the Rim of Hell to the Garden of Eden; The Death Valley Adventure
In March 2020 two small groups of overlanding explorers are going to see places not meant for mankind!  At least that is what some... From the Rim of Hell to the Garden of Eden; The Death Valley Adventure

In March 2020 two small groups of overlanding explorers are going to see places not meant for mankind!  At least that is what some of the early California explorers said about Death Valley. We’re talking from the Rim of Hell to the Garden of Eden. Here’s the deal.

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ModernJeeper Adventures Death Valley will be an amazing elite, narrated, guided Jeep adventure into the wilds and badlands of Death Valley.  These Canyons are Full of Ghosts (actual book title) and the rocky cliffs sometimes light up at night with strange, unexplained sights.

Inaugural trip fun guy, Gordon Crowl asks, “does it get any better?”

Guides Tom Severin and Del Albright will take you to secret places and unique historical sites based on their combined 75 years of desert and Death Valley experiences.

Guide and professional 4×4 trainer Tom Severin.

Del Albright, outdoor author and naturalist.

Here’s a quote to inspire the adventurer in all of us:

“Cradled between two towering mountain ranges wrinkled and streaked with vivid shades of brown and rosy tan, is the famous Death Valley. This vast treeless alkali plain extends north and south for about 130 miles and averages about a dozen miles in width. It is the lowest hottest and driest place in North America. Temperatures annually rise to more than 120 degrees. The Indians named this gristly playa, Tomesha – ground afire.

Ever since California-bound emigrants traversed this dazzling white valley in 1849, exaggerated tales of blazing temperatures and hidden riches have come from here. Apocryphal stories tell of dozens and even hundreds of animals and emigrant men and women dying in the valley.”

From Death Valley Ghost Towns Volume I
by Stanley W. Paher 

Moonlight in the Desert…

And we found this quote in our research of facts and stories that we will share with our participants:

A quote by Mrs. Bessie Johnson from Death Valley Scotty by Mabel © 1932

Moonlight anywhere is a delight. But there’s no moonlight in the world that can compare with the moonlight in Grapevine Canyon, our desert canyon, where the Castle stands. Last night the moon was at its full, and we went out on the upper porch and looked down the Canyon and across Death Valley. There are some things one cannot put into words, emotions, that surge through the heart; scenes, that fill us, and thrill us, and woo us; such was the scene that we looked upon last night. Something about the clear desert atmosphere seems to make the moonlight brighter than anywhere else in the world, and to glorify it. And the great mountains rise in the splendor of it all. Moonlight in the Desert! You may have cities and electric lights, movies, dancing parties, and surging crowds; but, for a thrill, an emotion, a sense of peace, and a confidence in a God who cares, give me moonlight in the Desert.

Overlanding Special…

The inaugural trip this year had a few campgrounds included.  These 2020 trips are for the overlander who prefers no (or few) facilities. We will wheel and explore all day, then set up camp where the desert wind takes us…with maybe one night in a remote, organized camp site.

You’ll be on your own for food, but we will do some pot luck and group BBQ campfires (assuming campfires permitted).

Who’s up for some cast iron corned beef hash breakfast?

If you’d like to join in on this elite, small-group guided and  narrated opportunity of a lifetime, check out these links.

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Tom Severin

Tom Severin is an International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers Association© certified professional 4WD Trainer and a Wilderness First Responder (WFR), and President, Badlands Off Road Adventures.

  • Jim Jezowski says:

    I went on this adventure in March. I flew from Boston to go. It was one of the best trips Ive ever taken, even in a rented jeep. Tom and his staff are remarkable, incredibly knowledgeable, fun.

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