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Seriously?  Oddball Ways to Close Public Lands
LET’S PUT COMMON SENSE BACK INTO PUBLIC LAND MANAGEMENT We are sick of the continuous attempts to close public lands for every reason imaginable, from hairballs to headaches. Enough is enough. Let’s stop this madness and put some common sense back into public lands management – keeping public lands... Read more
Let’s Win the War on Access — Here’s How
SIMPLE STRATEGIES FOR WINNING THE WAR ON OUR ACCESS Let there be no doubt: We are at war over our access to public lands and waterways. Further, we are at war over our basic freedoms like gun ownership, political views, consumer monitoring, brainwashing of kids in school, and vehicle... Read more
Danger!  Public Lands in Trouble — Stop the Stink!
HELP IS ON THE WAY — WE NEED ACTION; NOT WORDS It stinks! – some of the things happening to our country these days. It just plain stinks! – especially what some people are trying to do to our public lands. There is a “smell” to the undercurrent that... Read more
Getting Dirty with Rock Racing on the East Coast
ROCK RACING — BRIDGING THE PASSION BETWEEN JEEPING AND WILD ROCK SPORTS I grew up in a family that loved racing. As far back as I can remember it seems like my family was watching a race or talking about one. With that said, my grandfather was friends with... Read more
Warning! Here’s Your View from a Locked Gate
A BIT OF SARCASM ABOUT AN ACCESS LESSON LEARNED The gal in uniform with the big gun on her hip smiled and waved as she installed the recessed pad lock on the gate. I guess she thought we were happy about the road being closed while we sat in... Read more
[pics & vid] The 2019 Holley EFI Shootout – KOH Style
There’s this little event held each year at California’s Johnson Valley OHV Area the week of February 2nd through 8th, where over 50,000 people show up for the “Mad Max meets Burning Man” event known as King of the Hammers (KOH). This year on Monday Night, February 3, 2019,... Read more
[pics] Mirror Lake – A Reflection at the End of the Trail
A SHINING EXAMPLE OF SIERRA NEVADA JEEPING LIFESTYLE Mirror Lake Trail is one of the best trails in the Sierra National Forest of California.  Mirror Lake captures the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and it was selected as a BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trail in 2012.  This mountain trail showcases... Read more
What Military Jeepers Need to Do to Save Our Sport
ACTIVE DUTY ACTIVELY HELPING SAVE TRAILS By Del Albright (Army) and Todd Ockert (Navy) The freedoms that we are defending today (and that Del fought in combat for in his day), are in jeopardy right here in the good old USA. We’re talking specifically about the freedom to take... Read more
T1 Toyo Tire Desert Invitational – Tearing it Up at KOH 2019
I’ve been around off-roading many years. I’ve been around high horsepower many years. I’ve had the opportunity to chase the Baja 1000 a couple of times, even for a Trophy Truck. Every… single… time I’m around these trucks they just make me smile. Something about the horsepower… or the... Read more
Off-Road Rumbling of Thunder
A WHOLE NEW SOUND IN THE OFF-ROAD WORLD The over-paid, seldom-right weather man spoke with such animation and excitement that you couldn’t help but get taken in by his rambling analysis of the on-coming weather pattern (from outer space). But he had me from hello when he mentioned the... Read more