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[pics] CMM Offroad’s NEW JT Rack System!
The guys at CMM Offroad have been busy! Busy making the highest of quality, amazing products, by hand, right here in the USA. Their latest creation is special. Special because of the ultimate attention to detail that Mr. Brian Williams put into the design of this system. Created from... Read more
Bronco vs. Jeep – the Battle is On [can Jeep find the Bronco’s Achilles heel? We did.]
There is absolutely no doubt that Jeep is the leader in the world of off roading. Ford made that readily apparent in their launch on Monday of the new Bronco family of rigs. Every aspect of their launch video was focused on why their heritage and their innovations are... Read more
Jeep® Brand Expands Badge of Honor Mobile App With All-new Trails
The Jeep® brand has expanded its Badge of Honor mobile app to reward Jeep off-road enthusiasts who complete various off-road trails. Created in 2013, the Jeep Badge of Honor program provides enthusiasts who conquer new trails the opportunity to earn an exclusive trail badge for their vehicles directly from... Read more
Oil & Gas Could Control Moab Off-Road Trails!
Imagine if a large oil and gas company, not even based in Utah, ended up with control of a large chunk of land in Moab and pursued its development! Due to the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920, legislation that makes it possible for companies like Prairie Hills Oil and... Read more
The End Of The Roxor? Possibly For Now…
It very well may be the end of the off-road only machine…at least in the United States. To be exact, the Roxor’s resemblance to the Jeep CJ constitutes a violation of section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930. India’s Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. is no longer permitted to... Read more
The Gladiator Gains Another Trim Level – The Altitude!
Get over $3,000 in parts for $1,595. Jeep debuted the super-fancy 2021 Wrangler High Altitude and Gladiator High Altitude at this year’s Chicago Auto Show. Both models stepped in at the first-class end of the MSRP food chain thanks to a passel of luxury options and exclusive dark trim.... Read more
Warn Industries Releases New M8274 & M8274-S 10,000 lb. Capacity Winches!
Our friends up in Clackamas, Oregon are known for never resting…and continuing to improve their awesome line of products. Today, Warn Industries’ most iconic winch—the M8274—is evolving. It maintains all the things ModernJeepers love about the product: speed, durability, long rope lengths, and its famous upright configuration. But the... Read more
Jeep Gladiator is the Truck of the Year!
FCA execs state that the “Gladiator is 100 percent Jeep and 100 percent truck”! And we agree! Each year Four Wheeler puts a number of vehicles against each other to determine who comes out on top of the best the off-road industry has to offer. Four Wheel put the... Read more
FLASHBACK: Meet the Trailcat – Hellcat Powered Superjeep!
Editor’s Note: Taking a look back 4 years ago at the Trailcat still makes us smile. Last week Jeep rolled out it’s annual concept rigs… these are the cool, Mopar-built, concept Jeeps that we all drool over and use to speculate about future models… only to be disappointed when... Read more
[vid] Latest Crash Test Shows 4-Door Wrangler Tipping Over
Rollovers. We as avid off-road folks don’t think much when a Jeep rolls over…when it’s doing extreme stuff off road. When the newest 4 door Wrangler hit a barrier at 40 miles an hour during the two random audit tests conducted by the Insurance Institute, tipped onto it’s side,... Read more