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A Story of Adventure, Cloak’d Jeeps and the FMVSS 126 Challenge
At MetalCloak we’re always trying to to push technology forward to provide a better product.  When it was proposed to take our safety testing to the next level the entire team was excited to jump at the opportunity.  Our extensive testing and real world use has proven MetalCloak technologies... Read more
What Is FMVSS No. 126?  And Why You Should Care…
Lately you may have seen more and more of the big suspension companies posting YouTube videos about being FMVSS 126 Compliant. We, at ModernJeeper, thought it was about time that someone explained what, exactly, that is. NHTSA and the FMVSS The NHTSA (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is... Read more
Sentinel Acquires Popular Jeep Hacker Superchips
Sentinal Capital Partners announced last week the acquisition of Holley Performance Products, the parent company of Superchips, amongst others. Sentinal, a private equity firm operating out of the heart of Wall Street, plans to add the Holley family of brands to it’s Driven Performance Products group which includes companies... Read more
SEMA is coming! SEMA is coming!
ANNUAL SEMA SHOW SET UP TO ROCK THE JEEP WORLD The 2018 SEMA Show starts next week, Tuesday October 30th through Friday, November 2nd, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where more than 70,000 (expected) domestic and international buyers will preview nearly 3000 newly introduced parts, tools and components.... Read more
Stop Sale and Recall Issued for JL Wrangler Failed Welds
UPDATE: 10/6/18: FCA has announced that the recall will affect approximately 18,000 vehicles. Their conservative estimate is that less than 800 of those may have the issue with the track bar bracket.  Fiat Chrysler has initiated a Recall that includes a rare Stop-Sale order to Jeep dealers for the... Read more
Jeep Takes Up Legal Arms Against Mahindra’s Roxor
Fiat Chrysler Automotive, the parent company of our beloved Jeep brand, has filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission claiming that the Mahindra Roxor, which is “manufactured” in Michigan, too closely resembles a Jeep Wrangler and violated FCA’s intellectual property. India-based Mahindra is best known in the... Read more
Autonomous New Test Site by Fiat Chrysler
ModernJeepers get excited when we hear about big money being sunk into the development of new products, especially if the word “Jeep” might be included. We hope this new investment at Chelsea results in some continued fun for all jeepers! The Editors From THE SHOP Staff Fiat Chrysler Automobiles... Read more
Jeep JL Platform Debuts First Limited Edition Model
ModernJeepers get excited anytime we hear the words Jeep and Moab in the same sentence. Well, here it is. The Moab Edition Jeep JL. The Editors 2018 Jeep Wrangler Moab Edition The Jeep brand has introduced the 2018 Jeep Wrangler Moab Edition, the first limited-edition model to be released... Read more
Daystar adds MCE to Roster of Companies
Daystar Products International, the Arizona-based manufacturer of primarily polyurethane products that include everything from the popular D-ring isolators to suspension leveling kits has announced the acquisition of Modern Classic Enterprises, the manufacturer of aftermarket plastic flares for Jeep Wranglers. According to Daystar’s CEO Mark Turner, the acquisition gives MCE... Read more
Are you Ready to “Plug-In” your Wrangler?
Fiat Chrysler is telling us a “hybrid” plug-in Jeep may certainly happen in 2020. But, us ModernJeepers can’t help but wonder about getting “connected” and plugged in for a charge right before running the Rubicon, or taking on some slick rock in Moab. We are open to the idea... Read more