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[pics & vid] Jeep Gladiator and Bill Murray Ad Rate Jeep #1 Ad During Super Bowl
All of us at ModernJeeper so enjoyed the Jeep Gladiator Groundhog Day commercial during Super Bowl that we just couldn’t help but share this news as well. This is the first time in Super Bowl and Jeep history that the brand has taken the top spot — #1 ad... Read more
[pics & vid] Jeep Gladiator, Super Bowl and Bill Murray on Groundhog Day
In case you missed it, Jeep Gladiator took the Groundhog for a ride on Super Bowl Sunday! From our friends at Jeep: (Press notes from February 2, 2020, Auburn Hills, Mich. with video at the end.)  In its return to the Big Game, the Jeep® brand debuted a 60-second... Read more
Mopar to Showcase a Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) Limited-edition Vehicle
Mopar Will Display Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) Limited-edition Vehicle at Chicago Auto Show ModernJeepers know that Jeep has been developing what might be considered “after-market” products for years.  Jeep wants to give the buying public more options on their new vehicle.  This includes trail-ready accessories. From our friends at... Read more
Baby It’s Cold Outside and Jeep Has It Covered with North Editions
2020 Jeep® Lineup Ready for Winter With North Editions ModernJeepers now have a new option of buying for the cold — cold weather and northern exposure!  Ah, come on!  We all like heated steering wheels and seats, right? Check out what Jeep is now offering with three special edition... Read more
[BREAKING NEWS]  Metalcloak Acquires Kargo Master Safari
RANCHO CORDOVA, CA – Armored Works, LLC, parent company of premier off-road suspension and body armor manufacturer Metalcloak, has completed an asset purchase agreement of the Kargo Master Safari (KMS) line of Jeep racks and accessories from Kargo Master, a subsidiary of Auto Truck Group, a work truck upfitter... Read more
Plug In Hybrid Jeep Wranglers Back in the News
We see them more and more — hybrids, electric and eco-friendly cars. Technology is advancing to make these vehicles more appealing to the average driver; but what about Jeep? Well, meet the future… The Jeep Wrangler, not well known for fuel economy appears to be going green. Jeep has... Read more
The 2019 Jeep Year in Review
We asked Kurt Schneider to pick out some Jeep highlights from 2019 and share his insights with this “Jeep Year in Review.”  We hope you enjoy the read and will stay tuned as ModernJeeper continues to bring you Jeeps, Jeeping and Jeepers in action. The Editors. While the Jeep... Read more
Giving News!  Warn Donates Winches to Help Disaster Relief Organization
We at the ModernJeeper family love hearing stories of giving this time of year.  And when one of our partners steps up big time to help those in need, we are thrilled to share the news with you.   From Hurricanes Dorian to Harvey, to floods and to wildfires, this... Read more
News! The Ford Bronco to One-Up the Jeep Wrangler?
Ford Bronco to One-Up Jeep with a Removable Roll Cage Modern Jeepers who live in sunny states from Florida to California knows how much fun it is to drive open-air, top-down, flying free in our Jeeps.  How about driving without a roll cage on those sunny pavement days? We... Read more
Jeep Look-Alike Looks Too Much Alike — Roxor vs. Jeep
Go ahead, ModernJeepers, say it! The Mahindra Roxor is just a UTV (side by side) with more payload than a Willys and a cool look. Ooops. That cool look has them in trouble again. If you think it looks like an old Willys Jeep, you’re right. That’s not an... Read more