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Hi-Lift Jack Hood Mount Compliments New Jeep Gladiator
ModernJeepers following the development, release and trail-testing of the new Jeep Gladiator are not surprised by the quick adaptation of this industry. Gladiator owners can now get their Hi-Lift up on the hood if they like.   From their website: Hi-Lift Hood Mount (Jeep Gladiator Or Wrangler) $88.99 –... Read more
Coolest 2020 Truck Feature — Jeep Gladiator Fold Down Windshield
UNSCREW A FEW BOLTS AND YOU ARE OLD SCHOOL WINDSHIELD DOWN ModernJeepers can’t get enough info about the new 2020 Jeep Gladiator, and this week the news is simple — a great feature reminisent of old school cool jeeps with a drop down windshield — in a truck! From... Read more
Dee Zee Jumps into Jeep Market
Some ModernJeepers might know the Dee Zee line of auto products like truck boxes, running boards, nerf bars and more.  But now Dee Zee Inc. has launched a new product line for the Jeep aftermarket. Best known for truck accessories According to our friends at The Shop: “The company’s... Read more
All New Jeep JT Gladiator Begins Shipping
U.S. Dealers are Starting to See the Gladiator Arrive! Some ModernJeepers have heard enough about the Gladiator, but others are shouting its praise!  Now shipments have begun to dealers throughout the U.S. and the wait is over. According to our friends at FCA: “The all-new 2020 Jeep® Gladiator –... Read more
Tuff Country Joins the Growing Daystar
    ModernJeeper fans have definitely seen Daystar Products International pop up on these pages, but might not be as familiar with their latest acquitions, Tuff Country Suspensions. With Daystars continued focus on growth by acquisition and their drive to improve product lines across the board, the future will... Read more
You Could Win $100K on 4X4 Day… Courtesy of Jeep!
What are you doing on April 4… colloquially called 4×4 Day (you know, 4/4)? Our friends at Jeep are hoping you are one of 4,190 ModernJeepers who will be pre-ordering the new Gladiator… but not just any Gladiator, they have 4,190 Launch Editions of the much anticipated Jeep truck.... Read more
Hate the Lightbar Whistle?
PERSONALIZING YOUR LIGHTBAR WHILE ELIMINATING THE WHISTLE We all know we love our jeeps…as much as cool accessories that we add to make our jeeps our own, like a personality, am I right? Personalizing our jeeps is one of the fun things we do as making our investment safe... Read more
Jeep Gladiator Production Model Rolls Off Assembly Line
FIRST PRODUCTION MODEL HITS THE PAVEMENT IN TOLEDO ModernJeepers are probably tired of seeing the social media channels blowing up with pictures and videos of the very first regular production Gladiator to roll down the line at the factory in Toledo, but it’s real; and the team at Jeep... Read more
Thule Buys Out Tepui and Auto Retailer Pays Million Dollar CARB Fine!
Our Industry News was hopping this week and we wanted to share two stories of interest to all ModernJeepers. The Editors Thule Group Acquires North American Rooftop Tent Company ModernJeepers who enjoy overlanding have heard of Tepui Outdoors rooftop tents. We’ve seen them on the trails. Well, now they... Read more
Superwinch to be Purchased by Westin Automotive
MORE CHANGES IN THE OFF-ROAD INDUSTRY ModernJeepers know Superwinch as one of the leading winch companies.  Now they will soon belong to Westin Automotive, a company known for grills, steps, bumpers, truck bed accessories, lights and more. California-based Westin Automotive Products Inc. is in the process of acquiring specific... Read more