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Installing the Tuffy Security Series II Security Console Installing the Tuffy Security Series II Security Console
This week we installed a Tuffy Security Products full console in Golden Spike, Corey’s 2004 Jeep LJ. While there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with... Installing the Tuffy Security Series II Security Console

This week we installed a Tuffy Security Products full console in Golden Spike, Corey’s 2004 Jeep LJ. While there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the factory console in the TJ’s and LJ’s, it’s nice to have something a little stronger to keep items, that you would actually like to keep, safe.

The factory console lid just doesn’t provide the piece of mind that the Tuffy lid does.


  • Patented Pry-Guard II locking system with a 1/4″ steel latch which enables the lid to be latched closed without locking
  • Added security with Pin-lock design
  • Patented Anti-twist Push Button Lock System with a 10 tumbler double bitted security key containing Built in Weather Seals
  • Marine grade vinyl Padded arm rest
  • Weather resistant lid design incorporates an exclusive hinging system with built-in lid stop
  • Removable tray
  • Grade 8 mounting hardware provided
  • Durable texture powder coat finish
  • Oversized drink holders with Anti-rattle rubber drink fingers
  • Front console for levers & airbag switch

As usual, Tuffy makes some great products to keep you “stuff” safe!

This is truly a remove the existing console and bolt in the Tuffy console. Their website also provides detailed instructions:

Installation Instructions

Removing the stock console is really quite simple and just involves locating a few of the hidden screws (located in the cup holders), poping out the shifter plate and removing the either airbag switch (if so equipped) or the change tray. Depending on the year and the model, your Jeep may have one or the other. Tuffy’s instructions cover both.

This also becomes a great time to clean! Oh look, an almond…yummy!

Once the factory console is removed, it’s a simple process of reversing the steps. Tuffy provides some new hardware as well.

Once everything is lined up and a few screws started, the only holes that need drilled are the ones inside the box that go through the floor. I installed the console without removing the seats which was easy and helped me center everything. If you have aftermarket seats, removing one or both may make the install easy.

Inside the locking box, Tuffy also includes a handy removable shelf to keep small items easy to access. They also offer a few options on their website such as a light, 12v plug, a rear drink holder and a pressurized strut to help keep the lid open.

You can find out more information about this product and all of their products at

The fitment and style of this product is top notch. Because of the shifter area and having to provide so many options for auto vs manual transmission, air bag switch vs coin holder, etc,  the console is very versatile. The clips on my automatic shift cover plate don’t keep the plate “flat”…it wants to pop up a little…but this isn’t a fault of the console.

All in all, good job Tuffy! We give this product 5 of 5 Jeeps!


UPDATE: Will this work with an Atlas transfer case? Absolutely. It may require some adjustment of your shift levers slightly, but as you can see here, I removed one side of the bristle comb in my ’02 TJ…which I probably wouldn’t have had to do if I wanted to adjust the levers some more.


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