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The ModernJeeper Show, Ep. 93 – Happy Thanksgiving Jeepers!
Hello ModernJeepers welcome to Episode Number 93 of The ModernJeeper Show… the show about Jeeps, Jeeping and Jeepers. This is a very special episode… Because Thanksgiving!!! Corey, Jessy and Matson are joined by ModernJeeper and good friend Phillip Thorpe and we just talk all things Thanksgiving, with a little Jeeping... Read more
The Wrangler Rubicon 392 Not-A-Concept Reveal Today!
Jeep® will unveil the new 2021 Wrangler Rubicon 392 at noon EDT on Tuesday, November 17. The event will be streamed online and available for public viewing at We have a couple of predictions: This Jeep will get the full-time 4 wheel drive transfer case in order to... Read more
How Fortunate We Are!

How Fortunate We Are!

Lifestyle November 10, 2020 0

One of the greatest benefits of being involved in the jeep industry is the ability to interact with all of the awesome people that are a part of it, and by this, I mean the folks that organize your local jeep club meetings, the local shops that help you... Read more
The Challengers Keep Challenging!
It seems that almost every day there is a new contender to challenge Jeeps’ marketshare. Manufacturers that have been building vehicles for years are now trying to figure out how to achieve their own slice of the Jeep Lifestyle. This time it’s long time UK focused builder, Land Rover.... Read more
Tips on How To Buy A Used Jeep
When and if you decide to buy a new Jeep Wrangler, what do you look for? What do you try and avoid? According to Car and Driver, there is a short list of both: Look for: Post-2012 JK-generation Jeeps, which have the 285-hp 3.6-liter V-6, a five-speed automatic and... Read more
Imitation Is The Sincerest Form of Flattery!
Oscar Wilde said “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” And it appears that others are joining the party to create something to compete with the Jeep Wrangler. According to sources, the Suzuki Jimny, a car that loosely resembles the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and... Read more
The Many Overlanding Options
As ModernJeepers, we have all seen them. We have looked at them. We might even own one. What I’m referring to are rooftop tents…living quarters that rest on top or around your Jeep. After a quick google search, I realized that the options have exploded over the past couple... Read more
[pics & podcast] 20k MileStar Patagonia X/T Tire Review
We have been running the Milestar Patagonia tires for a couple of years now…on all of our rigs. Those that have seen us around the country at Jeep shows and events know that we work our equipment pretty hard. When the 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 was new, we switched... Read more
[pics & vid] Adjustable Jeep Suspension Management – Can Technology Help Or Go Too Far?
Do you get out of your vehicle to adjust your suspension? Do you adjust your suspension once it is installed? Suspension Direct, Inc, (SDi) announced today the launch of its new SDi E-CLIK suspension systems for Jeep JK and JL models – allowing in-the-cab, independent suspension management for Jeeps.... Read more
[pics] The History of Jeep – By Jeep!
We just cant get enough information about our beloved Jeep! And what a better place to for the information to come from, but from Jeep and FCA itself! Jeep® History In July 1940, the U.S. military informed automakers that it was looking for a “light reconnaissance vehicle” to replace... Read more