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Gorilla Glass Is Here!
Jeep is now offering Gorilla Glass as an option! And for only $95 why would any new Jeep buyer not include it? PROTECT YOUR WINDSHIELD The Mopar® windshield with Corning Gorilla Glass helps defend against many common windshield fractures. SHARP IMPACT   Typically small sharp stone impact Characteristic star... Read more
Microchips Matter!
We have all heard the news. The automotive industry is seeing many delays because of the lack of certain things. Things like the chemicals to make seats and dashboards, interior products, people that want to work and even microchips. We even heard that the new Wrangler 392 is being... Read more
The ModernJeeper Show, Ep. 117 – Rachle Engle of Bartact – Slim Jim’s, AAA Baseball and Eliminating Swamp Bum
Hello ModernJeepers welcome to Episode 117 of The ModernJeeper Show… the show about Jeeps, Jeeping and Jeepers. Matson and Corey — who is back home after being on the road for five weeks — are joined this week by ModernJeeper Rachle Engle, event coordinator extraordinaire for Bartact, the California-based seat... Read more
Something Different and Land Use
As most of our followers know, we are really good at inconsistency! We have been behind the scenes of the website trying to make changes in order to provide a better experience for our readers and watchers. But, even the best intentions sometimes fall apart. Updates, upgrades, server timeouts... Read more
Jeep Charging Stations Begin To Appear
We are already seeing them in and around Moab, Utah… And what will it cost to charge up that new Jeep hybrid? Nothing… Unveiled today as part of this year’s Easter Jeep® Safari, the Jeep brand is taking electrified propulsion beyond the paved road with the innovative 2021 Jeep... Read more
How NOT To Flat Tow a Jeep Wrangler
It sounds so easy for a Jeep TJ and a manual transmission: Depress the brake pedal Depress the clutch pedal Shift the transfer case into N (Neutral) Start engine Place manual transmission into gear (second or third gear are the most popular. Don’t make the mistake of putting it... Read more
We’ve Been Away For A Bit
Most of you know that we have been “out of service” for a couple weeks hosting the ModernJeeper Death Valley Adventures. While we had an amazing trip, we are now in the process of getting back home and back to our regular scheduled programming. In the coming days and... Read more
What Are Air Lockers?

What Are Air Lockers?

Tech Tips February 23, 2021 1

Editors Note: A special report from our friends at ARB… AIR LOCKER 101 There is no true 4WD without a locking differential. An Air Locker is needed to make effective use of all the traction available between the tires and the surface of which we are driving on. Air... Read more
Jeep Wrangler To Compete With “Hardcore Rigs” In India
The Jeep Wrangler has been sold in India before, but they were brought in already assembled. Now they will be assembled in India. IndianAutosBlog reports that this should make the Wrangler more affordable. Earlier this year, we reported to you that Jeep will soon commence local assembly of the... Read more
Project Time! Adding Storage To Your Jeep Gladiator!
One thing that all Jeep owners have in common is the need to store and organize our “stuff”. While there are a bunch of aftermarket solutions to help us out…this can be a good thing and a bad thing, as options can be overwhelming. Another thing we all have... Read more