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FCA Reports First-quarter 2024 US Sales Results
FCA US LLC reports total sales of 332,540 vehicles in the first quarter for 2024. Overall, first-quarter 2024 total U.S. sales declined 10%. “As Jeep® prepares to deliver its first fully electric vehicle, the Jeep Wagoneer S, in the U.S. in the second quarter, the brand saw significant growth... Read more
MJ Destinations: 3 Days in The Mojave National Preserve – Day Three [BONUS MAPS]
If you have been following along or have missed the prior two days of this “unplanned” Adventure, we have covered quite a bit of ground all within the Mojave National Preserve. Day one began from Baker, CA and ended with us camping at the Mid Hills NPS Campground near... Read more
MJ Destinations: 3 Days in The Mojave National Preserve – Day Two
One of the best parts of ANY Adventure is discovering new things. Whether it’s new places, new people, new scenery or just finding a new perspective from which to see things. Traveling for many folks can be intimidating, especially when venturing out into the unknown…but it shouldn’t be. Every... Read more
MJ Destinations: 3 Days in The Mojave National Preserve – Day One
The Mojave National Preserve is that area that many of us have driven past, but never stopped into. It is that large area of land south of Las Vegas, NV; north of Interstate 40; and west of Bullhead City. If you have ever driven south out of Las Vegas... Read more
Give Yourself A Step Up With Rocklander Hinge Steps!
Do you ever start a Jeep project and think, “Uh oh, what have I got myself into”? How many times do our projects require multiple repetitve tasks? Do you ever wish you could just start on the second one of those repeat items…since the first one didn’t quite go... Read more
Going Pink, Going Big, Going Electric and Going Geeky with LK99 – #229 The ModernJeeper Show
Hello ModernJeepers welcome to Episode 229 of The ModernJeeper Show… Corey & Jessy took a break from the game of “Packing Tetris” to join Matson for another awesome random episode. They talk Rugged Radios going Pink, Nacho Lighting going Big, Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion going Bigger, making it out... Read more
A Random Show from Somewhere in Kansas – #227 The ModernJeeper Show
Hello ModernJeepers, welcome to Episode 227 of The ModernJeeper Show… Corey & Jessy are back… kind of. I was able to catch them somewhere in the middle of Kansas as they were heading cross country from the PA All Breeds Show to Colorado’s All-4-Fun. We catch up on the... Read more
Use That Magnet! Repurposing A Great Product!
Have you ever purchased a “kit” that came with many options but you only used one of those options and then had left over parts? We usually hold onto the good stuff that is left over, just in case we need it in the future right? Well after a... Read more
The One Where Jessy Gets Mad at the Canoe – #224 of The Modern Jeeper Show
Corey & Jessy are back at the ModernJeeper Compound on the Western Slope of Colorado after something like 65 days and 8000 miles on the road… Yet there is no rest for the weary as we dive right into a full recap of their adventures including the now famous... Read more
Eating Killer Tacos & Taming the Rubicon – #223 – Featuring John Larson of Cantina for the Con
Hello ModernJeepers welcome to Episode #223 of The ModernJeeper Show… Corey & Jessy are lost somewhere in the Midwest so Matson brought on John Larson, Chairman of Cantina for the Con 2023 to talk XJ’s, the current conditions of the Rubicon, Tiki Culture, and why it shouldn’t be hard... Read more