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[pics & vid] Do Your Own Sh*t – The DMOS Collective
Yep, I said it…or rather they said it 🙂 A company that is as passionate about their product as they are about the off-road family and lifestyle. Really. As they state on their website, DMOS was founded and funded in 2015 with a big Kickstarter idea for a tough,... Read more
ARB’s Field Repairs – Air Lockers
In part one we explained the basics of repairing a punctured tire, reseating a tire bead, and repairing a blown air hose. One of the many key takeaways from part one is that preparedness wins the day. Along with carrying the basic mechanics tools and spare parts, we also... Read more
Spotting Principles For Safe Four-Wheeling
Safe and effective spotting occurs when the driver and spotter work together. Each knows what to expect from the other and they work together as a team. Proper spotting is challenging, but it’s a skill that can be learned. This is not a discussion of spotting style and hand... Read more
ARB’s Field Repairs – Tires & Air Hoses Pt. 1
If you’re a seasoned four-wheeler, you know to always expect the unexpected. No matter how well equipped your vehicle is, sometimes a failure is inevitable. And tow trucks usually can’t make it to the trails. What sets a small hiccup apart from a ruined trip is your preparedness. The... Read more
ARB Fridge Freezer Tips & Tricks
Most of us have a few things in common when it comes to our gear we take outdoors and Off-Road…but if you spend any amount of time outdoors, I’ll bet that the top item in our list is our fridge/freezer. We love the ability to keep our food and... Read more
Is Your Jeep Protected!

Is Your Jeep Protected!

Tech Tips September 14, 2021

Is your Jeep protected? You might think it is…especially those that run a hard top and full doors. BUT…there are recent reports of some thefts in Arizona involving Jeep Wrangler owners. The Daily Wildcat, a student managed and produced news outlet, issued the following report: The University of Arizona... Read more
The 6 P’s to Wildfire Preparedness & Survival
Editor’s Note: With the East being pummeled with Hurricane Ida and the West still being plagued by fire, we are reposting this story from 3 years ago as a reminder to always be prepared. Staying Alive by Being Prepared Many wildfire fighting agencies offer plans and suggestions for wildfire... Read more
GAIA GPS Trail Navigation – How To Not Get Lost
If you have driven a car anywhere in the past few years, I’m guessing you rely on some type of navigation provided by software. It could be built into your vehicle, a separate navigation specific device, or your phone or tablet. Many years ago I thought it would be... Read more
How NOT To Flat Tow a Jeep Wrangler
It sounds so easy for a Jeep TJ and a manual transmission: Depress the brake pedal Depress the clutch pedal Shift the transfer case into N (Neutral) Start engine Place manual transmission into gear (second or third gear are the most popular. Don’t make the mistake of putting it... Read more
What Are Air Lockers?

What Are Air Lockers?

Tech Tips February 23, 2021

Editors Note: A special report from our friends at ARB… AIR LOCKER 101 There is no true 4WD without a locking differential. An Air Locker is needed to make effective use of all the traction available between the tires and the surface of which we are driving on. Air... Read more