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[pics] A Trip Thru the San Juan Mountains of Colorado
The San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado are some of the most beautiful mountains we’ve ever explored. With towns like Telluride, Ouray, Lake City, Creede and Silverton, one could spend a large portion of their life just researching the mining history of these historic locations. This area also includes... Read more
Pomona Off-Road Expo Jeeps, Day 2
ModernJeepers enjoying jeeps and more jeeps at Day 2 of the 2018 Lucas Off-Road Expo Powered by General Tire in Pomona, CA.                         Read more
Pomona Off-Road Expo Rocks, Day 1
HARDCORE FANS; HUNDREDS OF EXHIBITORS; AND 10 ACRES OF EVERYTHING OFF-ROAD. ModernJeeper is at the 2018 Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo Powered by General Tire in Pomona, CA. This Expo is truly one of the greatest collection of off-road companies, parts, equipment, gear, action and experts ever assembled in America. From off-road... Read more
[pics] Jeeps Invade Toledo Raising $600,000
Toledo, Ohio, is the true home of the Jeep Wrangler. From the original Toledo-based Willys-Overland contract nearly eight decades ago that started the Jeep legend, to the commitment from late FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne to continue manufacturing the new JL Wrangler, Toledoans have a strong connection to the Jeep... Read more
The Metalcloak Stampede – Got Jeeps?
When it comes to Ultra4 Racing – just about anything goes… especially with the 4400 Unlimited Class. But, as you move down the classes, the race rigs begin to look more and more like familiar off road brands. Especially when you get to the Stock and Stock Mod classes... Read more
Jeep Down Under… More Awesome Photos of the Next Generation Wrangler
The Jeep crew has been busy in New Zealand playing with the Next Generation Jeep Wrangler – getting ready for the December debut at the LA Auto Show – and our friends at Road & Track were there to capture some more great images. We expect to see a... Read more
Rock Crawling Gets Full Throttled!
Have you ever had an idea, put it into play, and then found yourself fully engulfed in your own dream? John Goodby took an idea and, within just a few years, turned it into a lifestyle! Goodby produces a one day, short-course off road race, which includes a variety... Read more
Seven Concept Jeeps You Will Definitely See at Easter Jeep Safari
With all the speculation about the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL… we almost forgot about the annual tradition by the boys at Jeep Underground to build concepts Jeeps and show them off in Moab, Utah for the annual Easter Jeep Safari. This year EJS is in April and Jeep did... Read more
Another 6×6 Jeep Wrangler Enters the Market… But This One Is Chinese.
The last couple years has seen several additions to the Jeep Wrangler customization game – from fully built rigs by companies like Starwood Motors, to more extreme mods like the 6×6 Hellcat powered Wrangler by Wild Boar. Now, on the back of the growing Jeep phenomenon in China, Shanghai... Read more
Meet the Trailcat – Hellcat Powered Superjeep!
Last week Jeep rolled out it annual concept rigs… these are the cool, Mopar-built, concept Jeeps that we all drool over and use to speculate about future models… only to be disappointed when nothing comes of it. The most models ever, seven rigs will grace the trails of Moab,... Read more