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A Little Calamity, A Little Scratch ‘N Dent – Montrose Rock Crawling A Little Calamity, A Little Scratch ‘N Dent – Montrose Rock Crawling
I know you are sick of sitting around and are ready to wheel right? Well we got to go out for a few hours... A Little Calamity, A Little Scratch ‘N Dent – Montrose Rock Crawling

I know you are sick of sitting around and are ready to wheel right? Well we got to go out for a few hours to distance ourselves from the house! Over It! Done! I have my new Raceline Avenger beadlocks on my 37” Milestar Patagonia M/T tires and I needed to put some rubber on some rocks! We headed out through Montrose to the Rim Rocker road out to the Calamity Canyon trail to see what we could get into. Corey always tells me how crazy the trails are and on my old 35s it was going to be tough, so when I got my big boy tires on I was ready to go!


So here we are, No turning back now and we were in it! I turned my music up and went for it! We had a great time. I learned after getting bigger tires I was going to have to upgrade my steering to hydro assist because the stock steering box was not keeping up! UGH!!



Calamity is now one of my favorite Rock Crawling trails in Montrose. Not that I have been to many… YET!!  There are multiple ways to get to this area, the main parking area is where Rim road meets Shavano Valley Road. This is where most people park their truck and trailer.  To get to Calamity, follow Rim Road until you see the power lines, there are two sets of power lines, you turn at the wooden structure power lines to the right.  Note, this is a great camping area if you want to camp as well. You follow it until you see some BLM signs pointing to Calamity. It is not the hardest, or the easiest trail in Montrose, but I think one of the most fun. This trail starts out down in a wash, immediately there is an optional route to the right, this is a fun option, and I suggest taking it. The option consists of a few ledges in a row and loops back around to the beginning again.

Next you continue up the trail with a few small ledges and random rocks for a while, until you come to a split in the trail, where you can go right and take the second optional loop, this seems to change over time depending erosion and such. The second option on the right is fun, and can be run back down to where the option started, giving you the ability to run both the original exit, and the optional exit in the same trip. The lines change over time depending on erosion and rock stacking.  I typically run the right lines, the left lines are huge and very steep.  Someone filled in the large hole on this line with some rocks, the cliff was really undercut. After getting to the top of the optional exit, you can look to the left while driving out, and find a trail back down into the valley that takes you back up the original trail, so you can run that exit as well.  This section has some fun undercut ledges.



You can run Calamity including all the options in a couple hours easily, depending on how much you stop and hang out, or you can spend a day on it if someone flips over on an exit. We did NOT run the true Calamity exit on this trip, but we will go back!

Scratch and Dent is one of the easier trails in the Montrose crawling trails, and in the same area, running these together is an option as well.  This is the closest trail to where we camp at Montrose, so it is a fun warm up trail, or a night trail too.


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  • Gabe warner

    May 15, 2020 #1 Author

    Well wrote, cannot wait to see this place. Hopefully sooner than later!


  • wesley robinette

    May 19, 2020 #2 Author

    Would love to make it out there one day to try out some of those trails


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