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A Little Calamity, A Little Scratch ‘N Dent – Montrose Rock Crawling
I know you are sick of sitting around and are ready to wheel right? Well we got to go out for a few hours to distance ourselves from the house! Over It! Done! I have my new Raceline Avenger beadlocks on my 37” Milestar Patagonia M/T tires and I... Read more
[pics & vid] The 2019 Trail Breaker at Trail Hero!
Trail Hero Trail Hero was even more action packed this year than last. We rolled in with the 2004 Jeep LJ, Golden Spike, on the MetalCloak CTI trailer, ready for some fun! My absolute favorite thing to do in Sand Hollow is to play on the massive sand dunes.... Read more
Rock Crawling 101 — Kurt’s 7 Commandments!
So you just bought a Jeep are are itching to test it off-road. Before you chunk that thing into four wheel drive, there are many things that you need to know in order to not only be successful on the trail, but to keep your vehicle and even yourself... Read more
The Most Dreaded Phrase in Four Wheeling
My mid-life crisis began this summer on the Rubicon trail. While attending the Steaks and Stories event with my son, I saw the new Jeep Gladiator for the first time in person. With a decent lift and 37 inch tires on it, my salivary glands started gushing as it... Read more
[pics & vid] 4-Wheeling in Disney(land)…Oklahoma!
Part of this year’s goal of the #CTITour2019 was to attend events that we hadn’t been to before…and to maybe even get in a little wheeling! The folks that put on the Crawl-4-Christ event in Disney, Oklahoma provide both of those requirements! And with the 4th of July weekend... Read more
[pics & vid] The ModernJeeper Adventure – Moab!
Remember when we were kids and all we wanted to do was go to the amusement park…the “fun place”…where all of our friends went? It’s like “Cheers” for Jeepers! For the Modern Jeeper, that place has become Moab, Utah. A place where “Adventure Begins…”. It has become THE iconic... Read more
The ModernJeeper Show, Ep. 16 – Big Rich Klein, ModernJeeper, Entrepreneur & Founder of W.E. Rock
Hello ModernJeepers and welcome to Episode Number 16 of The ModernJeeper Show… the show about Jeeps, Jeeping and Jeepers. This week, while co-host Matson Breakey is away taking care of the West Coast Invitational Brew Fest, Mr. ModernJeeper, Corey Osborne, brings in entrepreneur, founder and President of W.E. Rock... Read more
[pics] W.E. Rock – Congress, AZ – Flashback 2016
Now and then we just have to bring on a flashback and share stories of note. W.E.ROCK from 2016 is a good example of Motorsports fun that never gets old.  The Editors BRINGING ON THE EXTREME   The World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship Series is not something new. Not... Read more