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The RimRocker Trail: Ladies only! The RimRocker Trail: Ladies only!
What do you say we go on an adventure that involves over 160 miles of dirt, scenic landscape and some backcountry camping?  That’s exactly... The RimRocker Trail: Ladies only!

What do you say we go on an adventure that involves over 160 miles of dirt, scenic landscape and some backcountry camping?  That’s exactly what we did, but ladies only! I have to admit I was a bit nervous to lead a group all by myself with no cell signal and being self sufficient if any emergencies arise, or what if we simply have to do any serious trial fixes?


I picked September because as we all know the Colorado high country weather can be unpredictable, so this time of the year it’s not too hot, shouldn’t be muddy and we shouldn’t have snow on the ground. That said, being prepared for many things is the key to a successful back country trail run, including fuel issues. As Corey and I set off to pre-run the trail, I was in awe of all the diversity around. It was so beautiful in many ways, Colorado never disappoints!  I then started to get excited to show the girls this amazing trail. Shall we stay in Moab at the end? I think so!

The RimRocker Trail is a newly connected trail that allows you to enjoy 160 miles of off-road travel while experiencing the many different landscapes that connect Montrose, Colorado to Moab, Utah. The roads on the eastern half are graded gravel roads that are two vehicles wide and would easily be traveled in a family vehicle. You can travel through the aspens during their full fall color changes as well as stopping at the overlooks for many of the Colorado views. 

Spanning such a diverse distance, the trail provides 4WD, OHV and bicycle access through some of the west’s most stunning scenery. Immersed with natural beauty, there are red rock canyons, winding rivers, desert vistas, and alpine forests. The trails is well marked with signage and paper maps or downloadable maps are available. The trail opens about June to October (weather pending). A stock Jeep is very capable of enjoying the adventure that this trail offers. The trail is littered with old mines and tons of history.  We spent one night camping at our cool camp ground with a nice river and cool breeze. We lined the river with our rigs and set up camp for the night to enjoy a camp fire under the stars. Then it was off to the next leg of our trip, Moab! We ended up with just a single flat tire that we had to fix to get back at it, before hitting town for a much needed celebratory drink and some food. We decided to stay the night and hit some trails in Moab in the morning! We had an epic time and I’m so excited to take more off-readers out to discover the RimRocker trail! 

If you would like to sign up to go on one of my adventures then please feel free to contact me! Yeah I know, you guys will get to come soon! But you know what they say? Girls just wanna have fun! 

For more information on this amazing trail you can also visit


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  • Wayne Bennett says:

    Great pics! Been thinking about a trip on the RimRocker for some time. Now on my summer itinerary.

  • Jenni Arnold says:

    This ladies trip was amazing! We formed amazing friendships and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. This was one of my most memorable trips ever! I cannot thank you enough! ~Jen

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