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[pics & vid] Crawl Magazine’s Crawl The Con: Part 2 [pics & vid] Crawl Magazine’s Crawl The Con: Part 2
Let’s do this! The next morning it was up and at ‘em, time to get breakfast and coffee and head to the trail head.... [pics & vid] Crawl Magazine’s Crawl The Con: Part 2

Let’s do this! The next morning it was up and at ‘em, time to get breakfast and coffee and head to the trail head. A small group of us headed to the Loon Lake spillway a bit a head of the bigger group so we could air down and get going before the spillway was crowded.



It’s  time to hit the gate keeper and get to the bowl and on to the rest of the trail. On past trail rides It’s been a lot easier than this, but since the “COVID” there has been any trail maintenance, so the trail was challenging.  We started off with the GenRight Offroad group and ended up helping some others on the trail that were having problems.

We caught up with Brian Williams and Tim Pellegrino in the Jeep JT gladiators…and Tim was stuck in a pickle! We had to help pull him out of a tight spot as those gladiators are long!! As we came upon Buck lake there we a lot of people camping and swimming in the lake. This is the most people I’ve seen at the Rubicon ever. Since Covid it seems to be this way all around, everyone is getting out doors and trying to enjoy their summer vacations and have some normalcy in their lives. 


This year the Rubicon Trail is more beat up and challenging, being that none of the trail has been maintained due to all the large jeep events being cancelled. Big Sluice became tough for the gladiators to get through, picking our way through we finally got to the bridge thinking we were home free…. 20 more minutes of hard trail is ahead of us before we get to our camp site at the “dirty dozen”.  As we set up camp, awaiting the others behind us to show up, we had time to grab a beer, fire up the jet boil and eat some fantastic back packer style meals.

When the rest of the Crawl and Trails magazine guys showed up we were missing our good friends Diezel, Rocky and Adam. We did tell them we were going to be staying next to the springs but at last minute decided to hang by everyone else. So we walked over and sure enough they had set up most their camp ….. not by us! I wasn’t having it … so we went and helped them move their camp! Funny story…. so while Rocky and Diezel loaded up most of the heavy stuff in their rigs , Rocky didn’t want to break his tent down… so he let me drive his rig back across the gnarly trail while Corey, Rocky and Adam picked up the corners of the tent and walked it over the falls to our camp site! We had a spot all ready for them and we had the best time under our led lights with everyone eating Diezel’s moms cookies that he brought.

The next morning we got up and went swimming in the falls most the day and just relaxed. But the 3rd day we were ready to hit our favorite hidden spot where we cliff jump, we hiked a few miles down the trail into the woods and had the best afternoon! This has got to be the best trip out to the Rubicon so far!

As we left on the 4th day we actually did the trail backwards and went back towards Buck and Loon lake. We left super early in the morning to get video footage and pictures. Of course Diezel had to get through the “soup bowl”  on the way out. Rocky broke an axel so he bolted ahead of us and got out. It took us 4 hours to get back to the spillway and head back toward IceHouse, where we were going to sit and have lunch and talk before we all headed back home. But while we were without cell signal, the world closed back down due to Covid spreading! Ugh! Well it was a fun and memorable trip anyway!

Hope to see everyone out on the Rubicon again next year! Thank you to all the guys at Crawl and Trails magazine for an EPIC time!


Jessy Greenland Content Creator / MC event coordinator

Offroad Enthusiast, Aspiring Pro Offroad Racer, Hair stylist, Writer and Photographer. Rockstar Jeep Girl Racing. Oklahoma Offroad Chicks. Ladies Offroad Network Local Leader and Ambassador.