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[pics] Let’s Talk Shop! Featuring CloakWorks 4×4 [pics] Let’s Talk Shop! Featuring CloakWorks 4×4
CloakWorks 4X4 – Building Your Adventure!   Who really makes our Jeep dreams come to life when we have a vision of how we... [pics] Let’s Talk Shop! Featuring CloakWorks 4×4

CloakWorks 4X4 – Building Your Adventure!


Who really makes our Jeep dreams come to life when we have a vision of how we want our jeeps to look? The unspoken artists and craftsman of our Jeep obsessions? The flash of dollar signs in our eyes?

It isn’t those sheep, or jeeps jumping in our dreams that make it happen. We all know what J.E.E.P. stands for right? Just Empty Every Pocket of course! We all know when we purchase a jeep the list of upgrades is already a mile long and that our jeep will never be “finished”. So with a list in hand and print-outs of what we want our dream jeep to be, we go in search of the one shop that can make it happen. We research and review. We approach our selected shops we have in mind to get some advice.  Nervous, we walk in and hope to get a person that will see our vision and take care of our new “baby”.


Now mind you I am not your typical “girl”! I think I am more knowledgeable than the perceived girl but haven’t always been treated fairly, not to be negative, but sometimes it’s how it is. But do not think I just stand by and let it happen.

Most of the time they are scratching their heads while they listen to me. So it’s always hard for me to find the perfect shop…the one that has more knowledge and one I feel at ease with. With that, I will be doing a piece on the best shops around the country every month.

Let’s all meet some great people in the industry that are badasses at helping us with our Jeep dreams! We all know it’s much easier and gets done faster with a shop that specializes in building our precious vehicles, after all, it is their full-time job and we hope it is their passion as well. Yes, I love working on my jeep but I also do not have all the tools necessary, the time to do it or the much-needed thousands of hours of experience. 


Let me introduce you to CloakWorks 4×4 which is located at Metalcloaks head-quarters in Rancho Cordova, California. Let CloakWorks 4×4 build your Jeep Adventure! I love this moto because it really is an adventure!

I spent some time with the guys for almost a week while they listened to what I wanted and where they were headed to make it happen. It was going to be a HUGE task, but they were up for the challenge and explained what they had to do to make it perfect. I am usually nervous with all this cutting and torching they were going to have to do on my baby, but they were confident and how could you be nervous about that?

This “Adventure” is a whole other story I will cover in my next article, enough about Rockstar, let’s talk about how awesome CloakWorks is!!


Let’s meet the team at CloakWorks 4×4!!

Alex Sarver, Eric Jones, Bernie Hicks and Scott Arentz of the Cloakworks4x4 team.

Scott Arentz is the master mechanic and head Jeep Guru of CloakWorks 4×4. He has 30 + years experience do everything from building classic offroad vehicles to all the newest off-road vehicles you could throw at him. He started young at age 14, helping his father on projects and knows his way around pretty much everything you can think of. He is the go-to guy and a guy that you can get a straightforward answer from.

Scott has worked many years in shops and was a regional manager for 4WP on the west coast. He also owned his own shop for 16yrs until in 2014 when he sold it and partnered with Metalcloak to have their own build shop, Cloakworks 4X4. Scott also gets called upon by many manufacturers to help test and help resolve issues with products. He has a bunch of great relationships with people in the industry as well.

Scott prides himself with being very informative on what every aspect of your project will take to get it done, even if you think it’s simple, he knows all the working parts to complete it. If he tells you that you need an extra part to make it all work right, definitely take his advice. He is a perfectionist and it shows in his staff as well. I was so impressed with all the little things that most people wouldn’t care about, but, as they say, it’s all in the details, and I witnessed it first hand!

I also had the pleasure of meeting the other Technicians and masters of the Jeep at CloakWorks4x4. Eric Jones, Bernie Hicks, and Alex Sarver are all hard at work on many projects… from jeeps to classic broncos. These guys work like a finely oiled machine.

Spending time with them while they worked on Rockstar while she was getting her makeover, I had no worries about leaving my Jeep with them. The detail and care they put into each build made me so happy! As a new team member, they allowed me to get in their way and ask questions…and we even had fun cutting up a bit too! These guys work hard and you can feel confident it will get done right and in a timely manner.

We all know as garage mechanics and ‘jeep builders” how some things can (and will) go wrong, but having the knowledge to correct the issues is what counts. Rest assured that they will take care of anything that comes up. The guys are very professional and they have a master mechanic with them every step of the way! From engine swaps to wheels and tires they do it all!! If you want a shop to build your Jeep dreams, they are my #1 pick! 

CloakWorks also has an exciting build coming and in progress!!! From the frame up, they are building a one of a kind rig, so stay tuned for that! Please take a moment and check out the CloakWorks 4×4 Facebook page.

Of course, Rockstar has a few more things left to put on before she is complete, but I can say that OMG she is amazing! Time to wheel her and stretch her new legs! Hope to see everyone on the trail soon! Be on the lookout for the next adventure!

2484 Mercantile Drive (443.96 mi)
Rancho Cordova, California 95742
Highlights info row image
(916) 635-4900


Jessy Greenland Ambassador

Offroad Enthusiast, Aspiring Pro Offroad Racer, Hair stylist, Writer and Photographer. Rockstar Jeep Girl Racing. Oklahoma Offroad Chicks. Ladies Offroad Network Local Leader and Ambassador.

  • Todd J Ockert

    January 18, 2020 #1 Author

    They do great work. They installed the lift and fenders on my TJ.


  • Aaron Little

    March 22, 2020 #2 Author

    They do awesome work! Installed my MC GC lift, track bar and steering damper relocation on my JLRU. . More to come!


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