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[pics] Let Us Give You a Hand! Installing Grab Handles! [pics] Let Us Give You a Hand! Installing Grab Handles!
It seems that every year getting up into the Jeep becomes more difficult. As we all want to run “forties” and higher suspension lifts,... [pics] Let Us Give You a Hand! Installing Grab Handles!

It seems that every year getting up into the Jeep becomes more difficult. As we all want to run “forties” and higher suspension lifts, it only makes the problem worse.

Most aftermarket cages add stout welded grab handles near the A-pillars to help give us something to hang onto, or pull on, to help us get in and out of our rigs. But not everyone want to modify their rigs to this extent.

We have all seen a number of velcro, strap type, grab handles…but they lack the rigidity to make them feel very secure. They do work though and are available in literally a bazillion styles, colors and types!


Luckily, our friends over at Carolina Metal Masters (CMM Offroad) have designed a simple, elegant (and customizable) solution! They design, engineer and build grab handles for most models of our Jeeps! They can even do custom colors!

Link to Grab Handles

Their kit only includes only a few parts, but that all you need! For those of you that don’t run the roll bar padding and/or foam inserts, the installation might take 5 minutes. For those of us that still use their roll bar covers, it only requires some minor trimming to the foam pieces before you install the handles. You will need access to the portion of the stock roll bar where it meets the windshield.

After removing the soft top door surrounds that I was running on my LJ, its a simple process to unzip the foam padding covers and remove the foam. Be careful not to break off the plastic “trees”…

I broke one off but was an easy fix with a little super glue and pressing it back into the foam.

This is the spot where I lined the collar of the handle up to in order to trim the foam.

After the foam is cut you can install the collars. CMM also includes detailed instructions.

An easy, secure and strong handle that enables me to get in and out of the Jeep so much easier! And if you don’t run any doors, their mirrors attach directly to the handle!

An awesome way to accessorize your rig and provide some much needed help in getting in and out!

We give this one 5 out of 5 Jeeps!


Corey Osborne Co-creator

After 23 years of corporate life, I decided to pursue my passions in the off road industry. Specializing in marketing, visibility, relationship and brand building, and acting as MetalCloak's field marketing representative, I have travelled across the country (quite a few times!) using Metalcloak’s CTI (Corner Travel Index) to educate the off road enthusiast. I have also worked with Jeep Jamboree USA as event staff, to provide additional value and education to its participants. I've been fortunate enough to work with both international as well as domestic media; have attended most of the off-road events across our country; and have driven a wide variety of vehicles. I'm a certified PADI scuba instructor and have a BS in Computer Science.

  • Mark says:

    I have these grab handles and mirrors on both my TJ and JKU. My experience with this company and their products has been nothing but excellent. There is no doubt in my mind that I could lift either Jeep by these handles and the mirrors, which are obviously an added safety plus, are easily stored under the seat, in the console, the glove box, etc, etc, when not being used. The quality of this companies products is 2nd to none. The price tag isn’t going to be for everyone with so many newer Jeepers looking for the cheapest prices they can find but for those of us that want quality the first time look no further. The other ones won’t own their Jeeps very long or will end up spending more money in the end after buying the same cheap product multiple times.

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