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[pics] Events! What We Know and What We Look Forward To! [pics] Events! What We Know and What We Look Forward To!
2019 was a year of attending events that we had not been to in the past. During 2019, the MetalCloak CTI Tour travelled to... [pics] Events! What We Know and What We Look Forward To!

2019 was a year of attending events that we had not been to in the past. During 2019, the MetalCloak CTI Tour travelled to 20 of the larger off-road events around the country, covering more than 41,000 miles.

2020, while starting off with a bang, has changed the Jeep Event community in an extreme way.

Here’s what we know has cancelled…

Easter Jeep Safari, Moab, Utah, cancelled

Jeep Beach Week, Daytona Beach, cancelled.

MayDay Miami, Miami, FL, cancelled.

Bantam, PA, cancelled.

Toledo Jeep Fest, OH, cancelled.

NJ Jeep Invasion, Wildwood, NJ, cancelled.

PA Jeeps All Breeds, York, PA, cancelled.

All-4-Fun, Colorado, cancelled.

Events bond the community…

You know why the off-road industry is successful? Events. Each year there are a couple of hundred events across the country that take place outdoors that involve running, hiking, biking, and motorized off road use. We, as outdoor enthusiasts, want to be outdoors in the same way that Jeepers want to be jeeping. We are largely a social group…we want to experience things with others…share what we know and where we have been…but did you know that YOU are the key? Without attendance to these events, our voice is diminished and support for our rights to continue to use the land that we all enjoy becomes muted.

My fear is that the words “Land Use” have become more political and tend to scare people away from becoming involved. All of the things that we enjoy doing outdoors are for enjoyment, are hobbies or for fitness, etc…But becoming involved does not, and should not, be scary, because we are already taking steps to make sure our rights are preserved, just by attending events.

Do you know why NASCAR racing is successful? It’s fans. If nobody watched those races, they simply would not exist. We are the off-road industry’s biggest fans. The new enthusiast seeks differentiation already. It is the reason that the four wheel drive owner purchases certain parts over others or the runner chooses brightly colored shoes over more conservative colored ones. It’s not about being cool or doing what everyone else wants you to do, it’s about making decisions based on what it is that you want to do. You have a choice and because of those choices the industries that rely on our decisions need to see us.

Sharing the lifestyle…

How did you know that you would enjoy jeeping? You probably went jeeping with a friend or family member. You tried it, and you liked it. Have you ever been to a Rock Bouncer event? How about an endurance dirt race? What about an event that challenged your social as well as navigational skills? There are events that appeal to each and every one of us taking place across our country every day, and we need to be taking advantage of what the promoters are trying to convey to us…it’s their way of sharing the lifestyle with us, to give us another perspective, so that when we make decisions about our interests, they can be the best decisions. Really. That is all we need to do to make a difference. Be seen. Attend.

All I’m suggesting is that you get outside and enjoy yourselves. When there are events near you that interest you…make the effort…make an appearance. Be heard. Express your interests. It will make a difference! I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at an event this year!

Here’s what we know is still planned…

The ModernJeeper Adventures, Moab, UT

Jeep Jam, Panama City, FL

Ohio Jeep Fest, OH

ModernJeeper Adventures, Tillamook, OR

ModernJeeper Adventures, Rubicon, CA

Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion, Pigeon Forge, TN

Fall NJ Jeep Invasion, Ocean City, NJ

and the rescheduled Jeep Beach Week…Stay safe and stay healthy!


Corey Osborne Co-creator

After 23 years of corporate life, I decided to pursue my passions in the off road industry. Specializing in marketing, visibility, relationship and brand building, and acting as MetalCloak's field marketing representative, I have travelled across the country (quite a few times!) using Metalcloak’s CTI (Corner Travel Index) to educate the off road enthusiast. I have also worked with Jeep Jamboree USA as event staff, to provide additional value and education to its participants. I've been fortunate enough to work with both international as well as domestic media; have attended most of the off-road events across our country; and have driven a wide variety of vehicles. I'm a certified PADI scuba instructor and have a BS in Computer Science.

  • Ryan Harden

    May 20, 2020 #1 Author

    Thanks for the article Corey. Over here at Road Legal Four Wheel Drive Association, we continue to build trails, clubs, and riding areas. We host weekly rides via our chapters and Trail Ambassadors and after 3 years or work, we finally helped open the first public 4×4 park FOR the public (owned by the local village). Land access is very political sometimes. We’re working with lawmakers, tourism, state and local government to create a public 4×4 program in Wisconsin. Here’s the blog review of our annual VIP ride that aids this process. Again, lots and lots of volunteer work goes into making riding programs for the public. Most of that work is unknown behind the scenes stuff that’ll put most people to sleep, but it has to be done, and we’re doing it.

    COVID destroyed some events and we quickly realized the “plandemic” political side outweighed the actual health risk side so as soon as we were able to do so, we began hosting rides again while still doing the social distancing and cleaning stuff needed. SO far, all is good, events are packed, and we continue to get new people into the 4×4 recreation every single day. Can’t go to restaurants, ok, we brought in local food trucks… stuff like that and it’s working very well.

    Wisconsin will become a major Slow Speed Trail state to visit in the coming years along with offering fantastic overlanding routes we’re putting together for people on our directory.




  • Patrick Blake

    May 21, 2020 #2 Author

    Thanks for the updates, time to wheel!


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