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Is Your Jeep Protected! Is Your Jeep Protected!
Is your Jeep protected? You might think it is…especially those that run a hard top and full doors. BUT…there are recent reports of some... Is Your Jeep Protected!

Is your Jeep protected? You might think it is…especially those that run a hard top and full doors. BUT…there are recent reports of some thefts in Arizona involving Jeep Wrangler owners.

The Daily Wildcat, a student managed and produced news outlet, issued the following report:

The University of Arizona Policy Department is actively investigating four car thefts that occurred since the beginning of the fall 2021 semester. The larcenies have exclusively involved Jeep Wrangler model vehicles which have exterior hood latches, allowing access to the car’s engine without the use of a key or interior hood release, and a suspect has not yet been identified.

The thefts occurred in various parking garages around campus, and police note that all of the thefts have involved the cars’ batteries being disconnected, which in turn disabled the cars’ alarm systems. Valuable items were then stolen from the vehicles and the cars were damaged.

Police advise that Jeep Wrangler owners or similar vehicles with an exterior hood latch consider acquiring an anti-theft mechanism or locking device to protect their vehicle from break-ins.

Luckily, our friends at BOLT have a solution!

Modern Jeeper had done an article a while back featuring this lock here.

BOLT Locks are made by STRATTEC Security Corporation. STRATTEC Security, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is one of the world’s largest producers of automotive locks and keys. STRATTEC designs, develops, manufactures and markets mechanical locks, electronically enhanced locks and keys, and ignition lock housings; access control products, including latches, power sliding door systems, power lift gate systems, power deck lid systems, door handles and related access control products for North American and global automotive customers. STRATTEC also supplies products for the heavy truck and recreational vehicle markets, as well as precision die castings.

Formerly a division of Briggs & Stratton, STRATTEC’s heritage goes back over 100 years to the early days of the automobile. Our long-term success is a result of our dedication to serving our customers and continuously improving our processes and product quality. Today, STRATTEC approaches business on a global basis, establishing strategic partnerships around the world.



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