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Sport, The Little TJ That Could . . .
During my years as Editor-in-Chief of a couple of 4×4 magazines, we almost always built (overbuilt?) our project vehicles to show what could be done if the desire was there and the wallet was fat enough. One of my favorite Jeeps, though, was a 1982 CJ5 that ran 31”... Read more
Exposed!  My Date with a Paper Plate
Picking Up Trash; What does it take? Are you disgusted by the trash left alongside so many freeways and highways in America? Why do you suppose people throw out their trash instead of just finding a trash can? Have you noticed some of our trails having trash as well?... Read more
[pics & vid] 4-Wheeling in Disney(land)…Oklahoma!
Part of this year’s goal of the #CTITour2019 was to attend events that we hadn’t been to before…and to maybe even get in a little wheeling! The folks that put on the Crawl-4-Christ event in Disney, Oklahoma provide both of those requirements! And with the 4th of July weekend... Read more
Notice! Items That Don’t Belong on a 4WD Trip
KNOW WHAT MODERN JEEPERS SHOULD LEAVE BEHIND  If you’re a regular reader, you’ll recall that I often stress the virtues of proper packing for your  Jeep trip. Having the right gear and supplies can make or break a four-wheeling experience. At the same time, taking the wrong stuff can... Read more
[pics & vid] The ModernJeeper Adventure – Moab!
Remember when we were kids and all we wanted to do was go to the amusement park…the “fun place”…where all of our friends went? It’s like “Cheers” for Jeepers! For the Modern Jeeper, that place has become Moab, Utah. A place where “Adventure Begins…”. It has become THE iconic... Read more
Disaster!  10 Things to Do After a Desert Mine Shaft Eats a Jeep
Special to ModernJeeper by Gordon Crowl, ModernJeeper Adventurer who traveled with us on the first annual Death Valley Adventure where he also entertained us with his singing and playing the ukulele around our campfires.  His story here gives us a crucial reality check with our Jeeping. The Editors. It’s all... Read more
Special Alert! Will Fossil Fuels Be the End of Us?
Special to ModernJeeper by Jim Bramham, Past President Calif. 4WD Assoc., Board Member, American Sand Association, and 2018 Inductee to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame who we heard first use this phrase, random use of fossil fuels.   The Editors Random Use of Fossil Fuels When the anti-access folks... Read more
Welcome Aboard! We Are Wayward Explorers!
Please welcome our new ModernJeeper contributor/author and grand traveler Kristen and her beautiful traveling pal, Winter. The Editors HI! WE ARE KRISTEN & WINTER! “Winter” is a sweet Siberian Husky pup and I’m a lifestyle/commercial photographer. Together we are @waywardexplorers. Wayward is defined as headstrong, unpredictable, erratic, or conforming... Read more
[catie’s corner] Jeepin’ in Joshua Tree National Park [pics]
One National Park that I will continue to visit time and time again is Joshua Tree. Located in Southern California, here you can find a mecca of the iconic Joshua trees. Joshua Tree National Park is a great place for people to hike, enjoy the scenery, rock climb and... Read more
[pics] First Time Jeeping in the Red Rock Country of Sedona, Arizona
Special to ModernJeeper by Chuck Brinkley of the Golden Shores Off Roaders, giving us a Jeeping tour of Sedona, AZ. The Editors Sedona, Arizona-Where These ModernJeepers Caught Jeep Fever. Sedona is an area of incredible natural beauty, full of historical, cultural and spiritual sites. It sits just about smack... Read more