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The Great American Off-Road Race™ Announces The Mint 400 Military Challenge
All of us at ModernJeeper, Metalcloak and Cloakworks4x4 support our military, active duty and veterans wholeheartedly. So when an already amazing off-road motorsports race like The Mint 400 adds a Military Challenge, we are stoked!  This race will raise a new awareness to our military and their families.  We... Read more
4 Magical Steps to Successful Planning by Visualization
For Jeeping Events, Projects, Trail Cleanups and Meetings/Conventions Visualization is a term I use to describe the mental/visual step by step process to “see” your event, trail cleanup, conference/meeting or project before it ever takes place, then to plan for it to be successful by “seeing” the routes around... Read more
Book Review: “Surviving the Rubicon Trail”
Nearly two years ago, my good friend Sean Russel called me on a Sunday. Sean always seems to call me at the most inopportune time. I was elbows-deep into the engine bay of my Jeep trying to replace a leaking gasket, my hands coated in grease and grime, but... Read more
5-Step Formula for Organizational Membership Building — A Recipe for Success!
Building Membership in Associations and Clubs/Groups The strength and future of our favorite modes of off-pavement recreation are going to rely on organized clubs and groups. That is not to say that individuals (non-joiners) cannot make a difference; the individual is what this country is all about. But it... Read more
[pics] SEMA – Day Four! Off-Road!!
So we saved the best for the final day! Builds that we can actually relate to, jeeps that we can touch and of course the overwhelming popularity of the Jeep Gladiator, the JT! Lots of racks, storage systems, new innovative and useful off road products with a few extreme... Read more
[pics] SEMA Day Three! – New Trends!
Obviously we know that overland is a real thing and that more and more folks are becoming involved in “car camping”. Well, apparently the folks at SEMA are paying attention! This year one of the halls actually has space dedicated for the overland rig! In an upcoming article we... Read more
[pics & vid] SEMA 2019 – Day Two! Something for Everyone!
Reaching the half way point of the 4 day event known as The SEMA Show, is an accomplishment in itself. Sore feet, sore legs and navigating through the huge crowds of people can be truly exhausting each day…but that doesn’t stop the Modern Jeeper! Read more
[pics] SEMA 2019 – Day One…An Overlander’s Dream!
After cruising around the SEMA show for a couple days now, I will say this…the folks that manufacturer roof top tents and, well, pretty much anything an “overlander” would want, have to be excited. They have had to see a huge increase in their sales…even if just for the... Read more
[pics] SEMA – Day Zero Sightings!
Yes. This year will be the year of the Jeep Gladiator…the JT. There will be LOTS of JT’s with tents, bed racks, fridges, gas cans, etc…overlanding gone wild…but is SEMA, the largest automotive show on the planet. For those that don’t know about SEMA, it stands for the Specialty... Read more
[pics] The Race is On! Some Jeeps of Ultra4 and the Nationals
Lona Scott of Scott’s Designs, action photographer and designer continues her special report to ModernJeeper of Ultra4 racing, this time focusing on some of the Jeeps — something all ModernJeepers love to see! The Editors The Brutal Race Continues — Jeeps of Ultra4 Photos and Story by Lona Scott... Read more