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ModernJeeping into America’s Mining History
ROADS, TRAILS, CABINS, MINES AND ADVENTURE AWAIT YOUR JEEP Mining in America is best known for the California Gold Rush (1848-1855) where the “Forty-Niners” as they became to be known left roads and trails in search of gold for ModernJeepers to follow today. Some say overlanding even started then,... Read more
A Thanksgiving Message from ModernJeeper
On this day, we, as ModernJeepers, as Americans, as lovers of freedom and believers in God celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an American Holiday, but not just an American tradition. There are countries around the world that have their own form of Thanksgiving, though none of them probably call it... Read more
Warning!  Bureaucracy Requires Give and Take to Win with Jeeping Trails
KEEPING JEEPING TRAILS OPEN MEANS LEARNING TO GIVE AND TAKE WITH LAND USE BUREAUCRATS For the uninitiated, there can be little as frustrating as your first experience with a heated issue and bureaucracy. But it doesn’t have to be too bad and you just might get what you want... Read more
Alert! ModernJeepers to the Rescue; Camp Fire Relief
ModernJeeper Stacie Albright on Relief and Recovery Duty at Camp Fire Wildfires in the west, especially California have blown out of control – literally. The raging infernos of 2018 are beyond the capability of the fire service as it exists today. The fuels are too dry; too many people... Read more
[week of heroes] Disabled Vet John Brownwood; Warrior!
Our Week of  Heroes concludes today with John Brownwood. But this will not be the end of our honoring ModernJeeper Veterans. We will continue to share stories throughout the year. If you have a story to share, or have a Veteran we should interview, please email us at Read more
[week of heroes] The Heart of a Hero — SGT Matthew Pyles
This week we’ve learned of some awesome and courageous veterans and heroes, but today we share the story of a veteran who, a few days ago, did something truly amazing. Something that simply left us speechless and assured that humankindness is not just a marketing phrase. He is a... Read more
[week of heroes] 4W2H and WFTW — Introducing Vets to the ModernJeeper Lifestyle
Continuing our Week of Heroes today we bring you two heroic organizations. 4 Wheel to Heal from the East Coast and Wheelers for the Wounded of California/Nevada from the West.  The Editors 4 Wheel to Heal John Purser joined the Air Force in 2001 and is currently a Technical... Read more
[week of heroes] ModernJeeper Sailors Todd Ockert, Eric Chennault & Wheelers for the Wounded
Our Week of Heroes continues celebrating our ModernJeeper Vets and all those whohave served our great country.  It takes all of us doing our part to save the freedoms we enjoy in America.  Today we tip our hats to Navy Veterans Todd Ockert and Eric Chennault and the work... Read more
[week of heroes] Vietnam Vets “LT” Scott Jackson and Green Beret Del Albright
As we continue our Week of Heroes, today is dedicated to all Vietnam vets and their families, showcasing Scott Jackson and Del Albright.  Technically, the war in Vietnam ran from 1955 to 1975, with most American involvement starting in the 1960’s.  58, 220 service men lost their lives in... Read more
Thank A Vet, Not Just Today, Every Day
Today we honor our Veterans with a National Holiday, but today is not Veterans Day. Veterans day is always on the 11th day of the 11th month of our Western calendar. A day that is significant in Western history as the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice agreement in... Read more