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Cowboy Poetry: My Retreat from Rhyolite
As we continue our series of off-road and cowboy poetry, author and ModernJeeper Del Albright takes us back to the mining days of Death Valley in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Characters were abundant and according to Del, “More money went into the ground than ever came out;... Read more
Top 10 Fears of a 4WD Trail Leader
Special from Tom Severin, Badlands Offroad Adventure Have you ever wondered about being a Trail Leader? Ever imagined yourself guiding a group of four-wheelers down historic trails and through scenic landscapes? What has stopped you? Most likely a lack of confidence has stood in your way. Understandable. Leading a... Read more
Cowboy Poetry: Highway 50
Special to ModernJeeper: Cowboy Poetry Part 3 Highway 50 By Del Albright Highway 50 is said to be the loneliest highway, Where the pavement stretches far across the desert skyway. Where you can see the snow-capped mountains across the distant plains, and anybody who drives out there must not... Read more
Off-Roading Is Not a Hobby; It’s a Lifestyle
I recently made a decision that most people would not label as “sane.” This past July when my son turned sixteen and got his driver’s license, I immediately went out and bought him a 1941 Jeep Willy’s MB on 35 inch tires for a daily driver. When my co-workers... Read more
ModernJeeper’s Cowboy Poetry: Ol’ Shep and the Wolf
We continue our series on Cowboy Poetry, reflecting on the western ranching lifestyle. The ModernJeeper likes to think that Cowboy Poetry could just as easily be called the Jeeper’s Poetry – associated with the lifestyle of the off-roader. Enjoy this series of our favorite cowboy (ModernJeeper) poetry every Saturday.... Read more
If the Trees Could Talk; Jeeping into Spanish Basque Country
Tree Carving Stories of the Spanish Basque Sheep Herders The camp was like many he had enjoyed over the few years since he had immigrated from Spanish Basque Country to the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Shade was cool and refreshing, water was abundant and the sheep... Read more
Got Jeep? Get Skillz… SkillzDay Returns in October
The JK Wrangler represented the single largest influx of new Jeep owners in the history of the Jeep. With over 1.7 million built in the North American market alone, hundreds of thousands of first timers were driving off of Jeep dealer lots across the country with a brand new,... Read more
ModernJeeper’s Cowboy Poetry: The Sweetwater Mountains
Cowboy Poetry is defined as “a type of folk poetry associated with the lifestyle of cattle ranching in western North America.” The ModernJeeper likes to think that Cowboy Poetry could be just as easily called, the Jeeper’s Poetry – associated with the lifestyle of the off-roader. To that part, we... Read more
Modern Jeeper Adventures: The Rubicon Trail
When you talk about the Rubicon Trail with most people, they  don’t have a clue what you are talking about. But when you talk to the avid offroader, you see the light in their eyes and the smile to follow. The Rubicon Trail is historic and is on every... Read more
Fix it or Retire it:  When should you let go of your Jeep?
Special from Tom Severin, Badlands Off Road Adventure. It’s a challenge every four-wheeler faces at some point: Should you hold onto the current vehicle or replace it? If you’re like most four wheelers you’ll hang on as long as possible. Something breaks, and you replace it. Another part snaps,... Read more