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Legal Land Use — What is Intervention in Court?
FILE A CASE OR JUST INTERVENE? You may have heard about one of our off-road groups “intervening” in a court action. This is not the same as filing a lawsuit. Herein we will explain what it means to be an “intervenor” in a court action, and why it is... Read more
What Did You Do Last Night?
ALMOST LIKE RECOVERY MEETS “ICE ROAD TRUCKERS” Flashback story from 2015 and too good not to share now… Angles. Momentum. Confidence. Determination. Those four words have new meanings for me today. And, it turns out, that in the world of heavy recovery and towing, those are the only things... Read more
Jeeping for Gold at the End of the Rainbow [pics and vid]
DO YOU LONG TO FIND RICHES IN THE DESERT? Would you like to strike it rich?  You can do just that if you find the right spot and don’t mind a little hard work!  There is gold in them “thar” hills still to this day.  You must be willing... Read more
Race Morning

Race Morning

Motorsports January 24, 2019 0

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to race in the famous King of the Hammers? Here is an insight from someone who has been through it.   Your cell phone alarm goes off in the pitch black of your RV, startling you awake. In your exhausted... Read more
Land Use and the “Love Month”
Flashback Fun with the Love Month, by ModernJeepers Del & Stacie Albright February is around the corner, and a great month.  Some call it the “love month,” what with Valentine’s Day and sunshine on the way.  Seems to us there is also a lot of November birthdays out there... Read more
Washboard Roads? The Why, and How to Deal With It!
UNDERSTANDING THOSE ANNOYING RIPPLES IN THE ROAD Ah, yes, another leisurely drive down a country road. You’re motoring along peacefully until suddenly bump, bump, bump, bump. Crap. You’ve hit another patch of wash board road. You know, that aggravating, teeth-jarring pattern that shakes your steering wheel and beats the... Read more
Extreme Off-Road Campers from Conqueror!
MILITARY GRADE AND SAFARI TESTED FOR EXTREME OFF-ROAD CONDITIONS When it comes to basic “overlanding,” we typically think of taking our Jeep into the back country and being self sufficient…meaning we carry everything we need in our rig. But what about when you plan to be gone for an... Read more
Rock Crawling Is Back!
FLASHBACK REMEMBERING WE ROCK/DIRT RIOT FROM 2013 Out of all of the events that I have attended throughout the years, none provide the feeling of “belonging” like the events that Rich Klein and Shelley Krehbiel put together. It’s events like these that bring new blood, new spirit and new... Read more
The Three C’s of Merging Traffic
WHAT HAPPENED TO COURTESY, COMMON SENSE AND CITIZENSHIP? Here’s the scene. You’re driving your rig hauling your toys in the slow lane of a freeway. You’re at the speed limit plus a few so you won’t get a ticket but can sort of keep up with the flow of... Read more
Kansas Rocks with Off-Road Education
BRINGING FUN AND EDUCATION FROM THE “ROCKS” — KSROCKS! Special to ModernJeeper by David Killion At Kansas Rocks Recreation Park, we have developed a beginner Off Road 101 course to help new people in the sport learn the right way to enjoy off roading and the beautiful outdoors. It... Read more