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[pics] Imagine If There Was A Place – Death Valley Trip One Day Two!
After spending an amazing night at the Minietta Mine Site, waking up to a breathtaking sunrise followed by some coffee and breakfast, we decided to take a little closer look at the mining area itself. NOTE: I feel it necessary to mention that we are a professional operation operating... Read more
[pics] Imagine If There Was A Place – Death Valley Trip One Day One!
After a night of cold temperatures, some rain and some snow…it was time to hit the trail! As we headed out under clear blue skies, our rugged radios became our information link as Del Albright provided us with in depth history of what we were seeing as we drove. ... Read more
It Started In the 1940’s! A Timeless Look At Jeep!
The best history lesson learned is diving into this article! I thought I knew so much, but I have had a very interesting and eye opening history lesson that has led me to a lot of amazing stories!  For over 75 years the Jeep has stood for freedom, adventure,... Read more
[pics] 6 Tips and Steps for Starting a New Club!
At the point when our lives return to some sort of normalcy, remember that we are all in this together and we will get through it together! Starting a New Club or Group Starting a new club is a fun adventure filled with new faces and a few challenges. Being in a club... Read more
[pics] Death Valley – Imagine If There Was A Place…Intro
Words to describe Death Valley have been difficult for me. It is a place that is more diverse and amazing and beautiful than I could ever imagine. Literally, for 8 days, I kept thinking “how can this place continue to amaze me more every hour that I spend here?”.... Read more
[pics] All About The DC Auto Show! Jeeps and More!
If you are familiar with my adventures, you know that I travel all around the USA. While I was in the nation’s capital, I checked out the annual auto show. The Washington DC Auto Show is the one of the world’s largest automotive displays, showcasing more than 600 models... Read more
[pics] Introducing Dan Smarg! Finding The Road Less Travelled!
A California to Wyoming Overland Jeep Adventure – Part I  Blog & Photos: The orange sun just dipped below the razor-sharp ridgeline and I haven’t even aired-down yet because I’m racing to get to anywhere I can call “camp” before twilight vanishes. It’s a very familiar story – one... Read more
5 Ways to Let Out Your Inner Land Use!
Actions Speak Louder Than Words Let’s say you’re on a trail ride with your club/friends, and someone throws a cigarette butt out the window. Or how about “that guy” you see who keeps driving by trail trash leaving it for you to pick up? It’s so easy to pretend... Read more
[pics] “Everything Is Bigger in Texas” and Racing Is No Exception!
Texas-style racing came to King of the Hammers this year with a new race rig, #4659 “Manche”, in the 4600 class of the Every Man Challenge race! I met Donnie and Alexandra Kehlenbeck at my first Dirt Riot race in Katemcy, Texas at Wolf Caves Offroad park. As husband... Read more
[pics] Trust! In Your Gear, Rig, and Homies
What are you willing to sacrifice? It’s time to turn up your inner Jeeper. This is probably the most important message you’ll ever hear about the off-pavement, overlanding, Jeeping, adventure-based lifestyle. It’s about trust! Have you asked yourself just who you (really) trust to spot your rig through a... Read more