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[catie’s corner] [pics] On The Road With Catie
Flashback Friday, as we re-introduce Catie Mean, ModernJeeper contributor, traveler and adventurer. Here is what we said about her back in April 2019: “Welcome our newest ModernJeeper contributor, Catie Mean, known as “Make Her Mean” in the Jeep world.  She’ll be writing for us and sharing her travels in... Read more
4 Steps to Forming State Level Motorized Councils/Groups
SAVE THE DAY WITH A STATEWIDE MOTORIZED RECREATION COUNCIL/GROUP! Overview The solution to a positive future for motorized recreation lies in more unity among users. Statewide cooperation and coordination between different modalities (like dirt bikes, 4×4, atv, utv, etc.) are key to ending the dauntless onslaught of anti-access propaganda... Read more
Caution!  Never Underestimate Your Opponents
Learning to not underestimate your opponents is one of the best ways to preserve our land use and access interests. All motorized recreation organizations are fighting daily to do this, but we must do our individual part also. Never assume our opponents will understand the variety of our motorized... Read more
5 Tips for Dealing with Compromise in Land Use
They Wouldn’t Compromise. Why Would You? Our forefathers did not want to compromise with our liberties. They didn’t want our country founded on compromise. To compromise means to give up something. In their case, they were building something, not giving up something (other than oppression). But if you’re new... Read more
[catie’s corner] [pics] Exploring Anza-Borrego Desert State Park!
JEEPING SIGHT-SEEING IN AMAZING DESERT CANYONS If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had an epic trip to Anza-Borrego State Park earlier this year. There is soooo much fun to be had within these 600,00 acres of land. I went down all kinds of trails… both in... Read more
We Pay Our Respects and Vow to Never Forget 9/11
REMEMBERING WITH RESPECT AND HONOR 18 years ago today…#wewillneverforget All of us at ModernJeeper, ModernJeeper Adventures, Metalcloak and Cloakworks4x4  take time this day to pay our respects and remember the 2606 people who lost their lives in this horrific, terrorist attack on our country, as well as 343 firefighters,... Read more
What Makes a Good Day in the Land Use World?
A Bit of Philosophy to Help You Choose and Allow How Your Day Goes In the fight for access to public lands, it’s not always easy to have a good day. It seems we’re always in an uphill struggle or arguing objectively with someone who lives on emotional pleas.... Read more
Convoy! Be a Guest-Focused Trail Leader
IF YOU LEAD A GROUP OR CONVOY, HERE’S THE 9-TIP FORMULA Four-wheeling is best enjoyed in groups. (Indeed, I stress group outings for safety reasons.) At times you will be a participant. Others times you will want to be the Trail Leader. You’re proud of your skills and want... Read more
[catie’s corner] [pics] Jeeping Through the San Bernardino Forest!
SoCAL JEEPING FUN and ADVENTURES Looking for a fun place to chill out in SoCal? The San Bernardino Forest has a little bit for everyone. The forest itself is 800,00 acres and offers all kinds of sports and recreation activities year round. This is a popular spot in Southern California... Read more
Danger!  Sleepy Meetings Ahead — NOT!
Running Better Meetings has a Magic Formula that Works! Running better meetings (meeting management) is not a hard skill to learn. It can be done. Whether it be for land use and access, CEO’s of major corporations, or a government body. This formula works. ********************* Are you attending more... Read more