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[pics] First Time Jeeping in the Red Rock Country of Sedona, Arizona
Special to ModernJeeper by Chuck Brinkley of the Golden Shores Off Roaders, giving us a Jeeping tour of Sedona, AZ. The Editors Sedona, Arizona-Where These ModernJeepers Caught Jeep Fever. Sedona is an area of incredible natural beauty, full of historical, cultural and spiritual sites. It sits just about smack... Read more
Fire Restrictions Shouldn’t Extinguish Your Camping Trip
CAMPFIRES WITHOUT WILDFIRES! IT’S HOW WE MUST ROLL THESE DAYS Summer is almost here. In southern California and other areas of the West, that means fire restrictions take effect soon. While these restrictions seem to put a crimp on your camping, it’s really just a minor inconvenience. You still... Read more
[pics] A Trip Thru the San Juan Mountains of Colorado
Many ModernJeepers are fully enjoying the Jeeping of Summer, but at the same time, thinking of adventures yet to be. We flashback to last year with this incredible gallery of pics from Colorado as Corey Osborne, Mr. ModernJeeper takes us through the San Juan Mountains. The Editors The San... Read more
[catie’s corner] Jeeping Down the Apache Trail! [pics]
SCENERY, SAGUARO AND THE SUPERSTITION MOUNTAINS The Apache Trail is a great scenic drive outside of Phoenix, Arizona. As you drive down a 4×4 road, you will see amazing views of the Superstition Mountains. This infamous route is a popular one in the Jeep community for a reason. I had... Read more
5 Steps to Put a Shine On Our Motorized and Jeeping Image
Perception Can Shut Us Down —  The Image of Recreationists Photo: 4/02, Del in middle of Vice President Dick Cheney and congressman John T. Doolittle, working towards enhancing the image of the Rubicon Trail Perception is a reality – we all have heard that. So if the public perceives... Read more
Warning! How Not to Die On the Trail
EVEN THE BEST LAID JEEPING PLANS CAN GO BAD One summer several years ago, my buddy Kris and I planned a four-night, weekday trip on the trail with our kids. While the weekends can get busy, camping on the trail during the week ensures that few people are around... Read more
Warning!  Motorized Outlaws Ruin It for All
PURPOSEFUL OR ACCIDENTAL, THE RESULTS ARE DISASTROUS Motorized outlaw and idiot behavior that endangers our sport must come to an end. Recreationists must start volunteer trail patrols, report bad behavior and exert peer pressure to curtail the idiot factor that will get our trails shut down. We must also... Read more
Jeeping Where the Biplanes Flew in the 1920’s; Airmail Arrows and Beacons of America
Air Mail Arrows and Beacons Imagine it’s 1925 and your biplane is flying somewhere over the Nevada desert, just high enough off the ground to miss the hilltops and ridge lines. Your sweaty hands are holding the stick hard because the wind is rocking you something fierce and the... Read more
RIP Kevin Carroll – [pics] EJS Black Flag CRAWL Readers Ride
EDITOR’S NOTE: As a tribute to a friend and fellow wheeler, I have decided to repost this article to honor Kevin Carroll. The Owner/Fabricator of Red Dot Engineering located in Moab, Utah, most know of him as the driver and creator of amazing vehicles that we call the “Red Dot... Read more
Code Red! Oceano Dunes (Pismo) “Death by a Thousand Fence Posts.”  Action Needed
Oceano Dunes Under Attack – Closures Imminent According to the Friends of Oceano Dunes, the famous, long-term beach OHV recreation area known as Oceano Dunes (in the past called Pismo Dunes), are under heavy attack for more restrictions and even closures. The “Friends” were formed in 2001 and have... Read more