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How To 4×4 Indoctrinate Your Kids [pics] – Part 1
I like to think that I have done an amazing job of raising my three sons. Mainly because I have thoroughly brainwashed and indoctrinated them into loving Jeeps and everything off-road. My oldest boy, who is 17, daily drives a 78-year-old Willy’s MB to school every day, and his... Read more
7 Shortcuts and Life Saving Tips for Talking to the Press/Media
Tips on Speaking to the Media/Press About Your Club or Event One of the best ways to keep off-road motorsports alive is to talk it up!   Letting people know what we do, why we love it, and what it means to our families is the gateway to keeping our... Read more
Update!  Oceano Dunes — Pismo — A Tale of Two Parks
Special to ModernJeeper by Amy Granat of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association (CORVA) with some history and facts about the politically motivated attacks against this great recreation area.  All of us at ModernJeeper believe firmly that our battles for access for motorized recreation must be from a united voice;... Read more
Making Friends Because…JEEP!
Jessy and Corey 2nd time meeting!!   One of the coolest things about living in the time and technological age that we do is that we can connect with almost anyone from anywhere in the world at any time.  Through all of the different social media channels — from Instagram... Read more
Don’t Be Afraid! Give that Speech; Save that Trail
PUBLIC SPEAKING MADE EASY AND FEARLESS Having to give a speech in public is a scary thought to most people. In fact, recent polls by ModernJeeper and landuse advocacy groups rank public speaking as the number one fear for volunteers. But as leaders of volunteers, access advocates, or club... Read more
[catie’s corner] [pics] Behind The Scenes With Make Her Mean
With such a great following of Modern Jeepers, we asked Catie to give us a special look at how she got started in this Jeeping lifestyle and what it means to her. The Editors If you follow my Instagram account, you know I’ve been on the road over two... Read more
[pics & vid] Thanksgiving Trip to the Top Of The World!
While a large portion of the country was dealing with freezing temps and snow-packed roads, this Modern Jeeper decided to head to Moab, Utah for a little Thanksgiving wheeling! Poison Spyder Mesa is always a great warm-up to Moab trails and the scenery is simply spectacular. Just around the... Read more
[pics] Racing! Jeepspeed Racers at Laughlin Desert Classic
Jeepspeed Racers Bring It At Laughlin Desert Classic October 10-13, 2019  was an incredible race by one of the longest-running spec classes in desert races.  Here’s a report from our friends at Jeepspeed. Laughlin, NV Offroad races are scored on elapsed time. The cars start at different intervals, so... Read more
[pics] Reno 911 and Cops on Our Trails?
Law Enforcement is an Essential Tool in Today’s Motorized World Every Modern Jeeper knows we must have rules to keep order and balance on our freeways as we do on our trails. It is just the way things are in this busy world. But do we need cops on... Read more
[pics & vid] The 2019 Trail Breaker at Trail Hero!
Trail Hero Trail Hero was even more action packed this year than last. We rolled in with the 2004 Jeep LJ, Golden Spike, on the MetalCloak CTI trailer, ready for some fun! My absolute favorite thing to do in Sand Hollow is to play on the massive sand dunes.... Read more