The Secrets of Cold Weather Camping
Special from Tom Severin, Badlands Off Road Adventure At this time of year, thoughts often turn to escaping to sunny, sandy beaches. Some folks, however, enjoy romping in the snow. They brave the elements, and camp out in the wild. One benefit is that you can have the park... Read more
Resolve To Cook With a Dutch Oven
Special from Tom Severin, Badlands Off Road Adventure One topic that consistently is of interest to four wheelers is the Dutch oven. No matter how much is written or spoken about this handy camp stove, people just eat up the information. I discussed Dutch ovens rather thoroughly in “Tickle... Read more
102 Off Road Tips: The Beginner’s Guide to Jeeping
Jeeping takes many forms. It can be a remarkable adventure into the outback, or a simple drive to your favorite backcountry picnic spot. It can be a hair-raising crawl over mountainous rocks or a family camping trip in the Sierras. Wherever your Jeep takes you, there are many important... Read more
It’s Here! The 2017 ModernJeeper Off Road Event Calendar.
SPECIAL FOR MODERN JEEPER READERS ONLY — save 50%! Get a 2017 Calendar for only $5. Just use online code MJ2017calendar at For 29 years Sidekick Off-Road, led by the legendary Rick Russell, published the iconic Sidekick Off-Road Event Calendar. It truly became the go to source for... Read more
Legos? Jeeps? It’s a Match Made in Moab.
For many kids around the world, LEGO building blocks and kits are some of the first experiences with creating something from the ground up or modifying something existing. When broken down to the bare basics, Jeeps are full scale builder kits able to be modified or built from scratch... Read more
Do You Know These 10 Axioms of Off-Roading?
Special from Tom Severin, Badlands Off Road Adventure Four wheeling, like any other activity, has its rules and principles. During my 40-plus years in this sport, I have seen and experienced a lot. The following axioms flow from all the wisdom I have picked up from others I respect.... Read more
Happy Hour at Trails End
Special from Tom Severin, Badlands Off Road Adventure It’s such a treat to relax after a long day on the trail, a cold drink in one hand and a tasty appetizer in the other. (Come to think of it, that sounds good just about any time!) With all that’s... Read more
The Walter P. Chrysler Experience
Of all the places we have visited, the Walter P. Chrysler Museum was truly a unique and wonderful experience. Although the museum is no longer open to the public, it is still used for special events and FCA gatherings. The 55,000-square-foot museum features three floors of more than 65... Read more
All-4-Fun! Mile Hi Jeep Club’s Huge Event!
Easy trails, rocky trails, and extreme trails! Thats what Mile Hi Jeep Club’s All-4-Fun event continues to bring every year! For more information about the club itself, check out They also have their own event website at All-4-Fun. During this year’s raffle event, thanks to everyone’s generosity at the 49th... Read more
All Breeds Jeep Show & Tour!
This year’s 20th Annual All Breeds Jeep Show in York, Pennsylvania ( proved that events properly planned will continue to grow! PA Jeeps Inc. is a local, non-profit, educational organization which strives to protect everyone’s right to use public lands, not only for safe off-highway driving but also for... Read more