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[pics] All About The DC Auto Show! Jeeps and More! [pics] All About The DC Auto Show! Jeeps and More!
If you are familiar with my adventures, you know that I travel all around the USA. While I was in the nation’s capital, I... [pics] All About The DC Auto Show! Jeeps and More!

If you are familiar with my adventures, you know that I travel all around the USA. While I was in the nation’s capital, I checked out the annual auto show. The Washington DC Auto Show is the one of the world’s largest automotive displays, showcasing more than 600 models from over 30 manufacturers.

The DC Auto Show is held at the Walter E. Convention Center for 10 days. People from all over the DMV head to this show every year to check out all the cool cars, trucks, and of course, Jeeps. There are three floors of different cars and events to check out.

On the first floor you can find Camp Jeep where you can test drive Jeeps over an obstacle course. People were loving driving the Jeep around the “terrain.” You could also find more Jeeps on the other floors that you can sit in and check out the features close up. There was also a really nice Jeep in the luxury section!

Speaking of luxury, it’s not an auto show without some fast cars. Some of the hottest cars DC has to offer were showcased at the auto show. One of the most talked about and admired vehicles at the show was the Corvette Stingray and man, it did not disappoint! Check out that awesome blue too:

This event was held right after the death of basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, and his daughter. A local DC artist painted an amazing design on a Supra in the luxury section in the picture below to honor their deaths. As a huge Kobe and Lakers fan, it was one of the most memorable vehicles from the show in my opinion. The art was part of the Art-In-Motion exhibit if you want to see some of the other vehicles or learn more.

There were so many drool-worthy vehicles at the show, including a lot of cool classic cars. I’ve always been a fan of the classics, so I loved walking down memory lane and seeing all the restored vehicles. Check out some of my favorite builds below:

Next up on my list of vehicles to check out were the trucks. I was excited to see how all the new tailgates work and to check out the different features all the brands had to offer. It was cool to see the 8-way tailgate and the gates with the fold down steps in person. But I have to say, all the kids at the show seemed to love the trucks more than me. Every truck bed had a kid climbing in or out of it. The trucks were clearly kid approved!

Aside from consumer vehicles, the DC Auto Show also had some cool army vehicles as well! There were 3 floors filled with incredible cars, SUVs and trucks. I highly recommend checking out a show if you’re in the market for a new vehicle or are an automotive enthusiast. There are often a ton of events for people of all ages to enjoy. Be sure to check your local city events to find an auto show near you!

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