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JL Windshield Cracked Already? Go Gorrilla Glass JL Windshield Cracked Already? Go Gorrilla Glass
With a recent string of broken windshields on the next generation JL Wrangler, Mopar has stepped up with the ultimate solution: Gorilla Glass. Originally... JL Windshield Cracked Already? Go Gorrilla Glass

With a recent string of broken windshields on the next generation JL Wrangler, Mopar has stepped up with the ultimate solution: Gorilla Glass.

Originally announced in 2008, Gorilla Glass is a brand developed by Corning and first saw prominence in early smart phone applications including the iPhone.

Corning has a long history of experimenting with Toughened Glass including applications in the 1968 Dodge Dart and Plymouth Barracuda.

Now Mopar is offering Gorilla Glass for the JL Wrangler. According to their promotional website “The last thing you want to worry about is a cracked or chipped windshield, so next time it needs replacing, ask for a Mopar Windshield made with Corning Gorilla Glass.”

[Editors Note] The Gorilla Glass is also available for the JK Wrangler – model years 2011 – 2018.

Mopar Replacement Windshields with Gorilla Glass

Maybe Mopar should just make it standard equipment. What do you think?


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  • DCS says:

    Gorilla glass is only available for JK, no announcement has been made for JL.
    Note, the outer ply is still conventional glass (but thicker than stock) and the laminate is the same. The inner ply is 0.7mm Gorilla (more flexible, less prone to cracking).

  • Erin says:

    I owned jeeps for many years now with no issues … 2k miles on the JL ans a small rock on the fwy has spread into a 5 inch crack! And I’m going to have to cover this cost:(

    • Keren says:

      When I called Jeep directly I told them my issue and said 12,000 miles or 12 month warranty should cover it if it is a factory defect

  • Keren says:

    I had a JK for 6 years no chips or cracks. With the JL in less than a year I’ve had so many chips all over my windshield. It’s ridiculous! Does anyone know if the gorilla glass is now available for the JL and if so would they replace it with gorilla glass as part of the warranty?

    • Lyle says:

      I had the same issue with my JL and my dealer sold me the extended warrenty and said it covered glass replacement ANY TIME IT CRACKED so I took it in to the same dealer and tthey had been bought out by another dealer and the went to Jeep for the approval and they said they only fix small chips and cracks however the windhield cracked 6″ or more when the rock hit it and it keeps growing and the same thing happened 2 days later to the other side. I canceld my windshield coverage on my insurence because the dealer told me it was covered. Dont believe everything you hear. Courtesy jeep in Mesa AZ won’t fix it.

      • Amber says:

        The EXACT thing happened to me. Was told I have a warranty on my windshield and they’ll replace it. Mine finally fully shattered and I called my dealer and they said: It’s windshield “repair”. We don’t know why people are saying replacement. We get that all the time….
        Uhhh. Maybe tell your sales guy that. I’m so mad, but it’s $100 thru my insurance and the dealer wanted $650.00.

    • DCS says:

      It is not available for the JL.
      Again, the Gorilla glass is on the inside only. You will see no change in pitting or surface damage on the Gorilla windshield.

      • Mudd says:

        Not correct. Talked to the Jeep glass guy in Moab last week. Gorilla Glass is on the inside, extra thick glass on the outside. Doesn’t stop pitting, but it is harder to get damage that will turn into a crack running across the windshield.

        • Menew says:

          This is 100% crap as I’m on my forth cracked windshield in my JL and I’ve tried every type of glass offered. All have cracked in a similar way/ spot

  • DCS says:

    That’s exactly what I said. Cracks are not ‘surface’ damage. Pitting and small chips are just as likely to occur.
    We are on the same page.

  • Witt jeep says:

    2018 JL and I am on my 4 th windshield as well! I have bought 3 and now I have changed my insurance to a $0 deductible for comprehensive coverage. It was only $12 more a month. However I’m sure it will raise my insurance payment after I file a few claims… Another issue I have is a OME mopar replacement is $389.00 out of pocket. When I called about replacement it’s a little over $700 if I use insurance.!.!. I don’t understand why it’s more.

  • Michael O'Brien says:

    DO NOT BUY GORILLA GLASS. My son had it put in as he had a cracked windshield. He had a rock crack his new windshield (GORILLA GLASS) —–ONLY two weeks later and they said it was not covered!!! They DO NOT stand behind their products. MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN.

  • Lucy Griffin says:

    Got my 2020 JL at the end of November 2019- have repair a crack, replaced the whole windshield, and now have a 3rd crack that will require a total replacement. I called the Jeep dealer and he offered no recourse, but suggested the Gorilla Glass. Not sure what I’m going to do. If I run this through insurance, my premium may go up (as it would be the 3rd claim in 4 months). Seems like Jeep needs to figure this out. Spending $50k on a vehicle – shouldn’t have to be constantly forking over more $$ for windshield replacements/ repairs. Any ideas?

  • Blaine E. Moyer says:

    I had a 2016 JKU Rubicon Hard Rock. In four years I put 100,000 miles on the vehicle and replaced the windshield four times. In addition I had about six windshield crack repairs plus lots of pitting. My YJ and TJ both had over 100,00 miles and never had a windshield replaced. My new (4,000 miles) JLU Rubicon still has no pitting and not dings. Maybe it is all Karma..

  • Mark says:

    I am on windshield number 4 on my 2019 JL with 37000 miles… I have to get a new one since the latest crack break is now across at eye level and annoying… No gorilla glass yet offered and its better to go after market not OEM its too thin and you can press against the glass and see the deflection outside thats how cheap assed they went…

  • Ron Barry says:

    There is no official Mopar Gorilla Glass on the market yet. Many of us have been trying to get it for a couple years now. Hyperformance Glass sells JL-compatible Gorilla Glass by Corning, but it’s not a Mopar part. And it’s rarely in stock.

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