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Destination Tillamook – The Land of Sand, Rocks, Ocean & Cheese [pics] Destination Tillamook – The Land of Sand, Rocks, Ocean & Cheese [pics]
When we started ModernJeeper Adventures we were being kind of selfish. We realized what a better way to fulfill the life long dream of... Destination Tillamook – The Land of Sand, Rocks, Ocean & Cheese [pics]

When we started ModernJeeper Adventures we were being kind of selfish.

We realized what a better way to fulfill the life long dream of wheeling this great country then to do it one great trail at a time with some amazing new friends.

This last weekend we held our Second Annual ModernJeeper Adventure in Moab, Utah, where the crew, along with support from our friends at Outlaw Jeep Adventures, guided some awesome people through a couple of Moab’s most iconic trails – Golden Spike and Moab Rim.

Entering Moab Rim

But more about that trip in an upcoming article.

Our focus now turns to Tillamook, Oregon.

Tillamook is famous for it’s creamery. The Cheese. The Ice Cream.

But it should also be famous for it’s world class off road trails. If you are an off-roader, there are literally hundreds of trail options in the region.

Imagine taking your Jeep up a cool sand hill and as you crest the top, you’re greeted by majestic rocks and the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Imagine wheeling your Jeep through fun and challenging trails and all around you is an immense forest wet from the morning fog.

Imagine sitting around the campfire at our private compound sharing the stories of the day with your new, life-long, friends.

Imagine a weekend full of Sand, Rocks, Ocean and Cheese.

And Ice Cream. [drool]

Registration is OPEN for the ModernJeeper Adventures first annual trip to Tillamook, Oregon July 11 – 13.

Joined by our friends at Warn Industries and guided by the Salem Jeepers, we will spend three amazing days together in the Pacific Northwest.

Starting Thursday, July 11, where we will have a chance to tour the Warn Plant just outside of Portland followed by check-in and tech-check back at our private compound just outside of Tillamook.

Attendees have the option of bringing their RV’s, camping by tent, or staying at one of the intimate hotels in town.

All meals will be provided by a world-class caterer (famous for his smoked meats) starting with Thursday night’s welcome dinner through a weekend of incredible smoked treats.

Friday morning we will dive right in with two full days of wheeling including sand dunes and fun, technical, trails.

And each evening we will sit around the camp-fire, sharing stories of the day, learning a tip or two, and enjoying the camaraderie of our new life-long friends.

And then there is the Cheese.

Okay, by now you can tell I am a fan. But I full expect all of you to join me as I venture on Sunday over to the Tillamook Creamery for a nice, fresh, grilled cheese sandwich and creamy tomato soup.


Registration closes soon. I hope you can join me and our crew at our First Annual ModernJeeper Adventures Tillamook.

Register today at



Cover Photo Credit:  Karen Krogh | ig: @wittycrow

Matson "Matsonian" Breakey Publisher & Founding Editor

Matson is a serial entrepreneur, recovering graphic designer, father forever-in-training and a addicted adventurer who considers an episode of Survivorman to be part of his doctoral studies of living every day to the fullest. From hiking the Pacific Crest Trail to founding the world famous West Coast Brew Fest, Matson loves the outdoors and bringing together people for nothing less than the time of their lives! As Co-Founder and VP Marketing & Sales at Metalcloak, Matson has developed a reputation as MetalCloak's designated Jeep Abuser.

  • Harry Palmer

    May 29, 2019 #1 Author

    The pictures showcase the area very well. Since I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest, your article, along with a few others, have ensured visiting this area is now on my Bucket List. Thanks for the invite. BTW, what do you do with the cheese?


  • Lori

    June 3, 2019 #3 Author

    This looks amazing! Would this trip be suitable for beginners? I just bought my JLU Rubicon in September and my MetalCloak 2.5″ lift went on this past weekend. I am looking for a great place to get started, and I do love cheese…


    • ModernJeeper

      June 3, 2019 #4 Author

      Absolutely. Our goal is to make sure everyone, no matter your skill level, is having a great time!


  • Tim Helton

    June 12, 2019 #5 Author

    Looks awesome. Couple of questions. 1) Looks like two person minimum for Tillamook – how about Rubicon Trail – same rule? 2) On Rubicon – it indicates camping – with food and “amenities” provided. I’m assuming that for any of the trips that require camping (vs hotel) we bring OUR OWN camping gear (other than food) – is that right? Any feedback appreciated…..


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