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Warning! Do You Have a Tire Failure Strategy?
Overlanding, 4×4 trainer and back country adventurer Tom Severin from Badlands Off Road Adventures offers some excellent strategies to handle those inevitable tire failures we all encounter. The Editors Tires are generally the number one cause of off-road driving problems. Tires, by their nature, take a lot of abuse... Read more
Snakebite! Desert Mojave Green Can Ruin Your Day
DON’T SUCK OUT THE POISON; HERE’S WHAT TO DO While going off road, especially in the southwestern part of the United States, people often wonder about snakes, rattlesnakes in particular. Several rattlesnake species inhabit the United States, with the Diamondback and Mojave Green rather prevalent in the southwest (and... Read more
Washboard Roads? The Why, and How to Deal With It!
UNDERSTANDING THOSE ANNOYING RIPPLES IN THE ROAD Ah, yes, another leisurely drive down a country road. You’re motoring along peacefully until suddenly bump, bump, bump, bump. Crap. You’ve hit another patch of wash board road. You know, that aggravating, teeth-jarring pattern that shakes your steering wheel and beats the... Read more
HAM It Up! Borrego Fest Adventures in the Desert
HAM RADIO OPERATORS TAKE ON THE DESERT BORREGO FEST WITH OUTDOOR ADVENTURE USA Special to ModernJeeper by Tom Severin and Dave Kupfer (Outdoor Adventures USA, LLC) In 2006, a group of 4-wheelers, who had been exploring some of the most remote locations in the American South West, realized the... Read more