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Common Break Downs & How To Get Home!
Editor’s Note: Another fantastic article from our friend and contributor, Tom Severin. A student recently emailed asking for advice on how to perform certain repairs while off road. After responding, I realized that others could benefit from similar information. Handling breakdowns is one of the top fears expressed among... Read more
[pics] What Mechanic’s Tools To Bring When 4-Wheeling?
This month’s article is in response to a request generated by last month’s article. “I have a question about tools.” Josh wrote in an email. “I can’t quite figure out what kind of tool kit I should make for off-road. Not necessarily recovery. But wondering if you have a... Read more
Safety Off-Road Is No Accident!
Editor’s Note: Special segment provided by our good friend, Tom Severin. After nearly three months of living in near seclusion, many four-wheelers are anxious to get back on the trails. But this gap in 4WD activity may have caused more than just automobile parts to go rusty. It’s possible... Read more
Solar Power System for Off-Road Use!
For most of us, off-road travel requires electrical power for an ever-increasing number of electrical devices. There’s the fridge-freezer, of course. But also, a laptop (or two), GPS receiver, two-way radios, air compressors, air pump (for mattresses), power tools, and such. Power consumption isn’t an issue while the engine... Read more
Don’t Be A Fool — Stop For Fuel!
Editor’s Note: With gas prices being cheap right now and with the understanding that many of us can’t go to the places we would like to, our friend Tom Severin provides us another perspective of traveling into the remote area of Death Valley. It’s amazing how some things can... Read more
A Great Time to Catch Up on Projects!
Editor’s Note: A special edition from our friend Tom Severin, President of Badlands Off Road Adventures, Inc. Did your world fall off a cliff? All this lounging around the house lately is getting to me. Too much slacking off, and I am developing bad habits. Getting up late, drinking... Read more
What’s The Name Of Your 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle?
There is a long tradition in this country of applying names to inanimate objects. Tin Lizzie, you may recall, was the nickname given to Ford’s Model T. Some people still use the term when referring to their car. During World War II, pilots and troops would regularly give a... Read more
Warning! Refresh Your First-Aid Kit
As we enter the wheeling and exploring season please be sure to be prepared in all areas — especially your safety.  Here,  we flashback from June last year on a Tom Severin article about something easily overlooked; your first aid kit.   Take a minute and do a refresh. The... Read more
Keep Your Distance – Or Not? Proper Trail Spacing
Today we flashback to 2017 with this important story from Tom Severin concerning common topics on trail rides — rig spacing and trail protocols.  We suggest a 2020 Jeeping season with these tips in mind. The Editors Special from Tom Severin, Badlands Offroad Adventure Four-wheeling, especially when multiple vehicles... Read more
Tough Love

Tough Love

Lifestyle January 29, 2020 0

Time for a little short-but-sweet tough love. Four-wheeling involves near-continuous decision making. Numerous challenges face you along the trail. Whether you successfully navigate around or through those obstacles falls entirely on your shoulders. Sorry, my friend, but you can’t blame anyone else; not your spotter;  not your mechanic; and... Read more