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Warn Industries Releases New M8274 & M8274-S 10,000 lb. Capacity Winches!
Our friends up in Clackamas, Oregon are known for never resting…and continuing to improve their awesome line of products. Today, Warn Industries’ most iconic winch—the M8274—is evolving. It maintains all the things ModernJeepers love about the product: speed, durability, long rope lengths, and its famous upright configuration. But the... Read more
[pics] The CTI “Got Flex” Tour 2020 Continues!
As we slowly begin to climb out from Covid19 restrictions, we are excited to get back out and see our fellow Jeepers!! So far in 2020, we have only been out to a couple of events…Winter 4X4 Jamboree in Hurricane, Utah and The Ultra4 Racing monster event we know... Read more
The ModernJeeper Show, Ep. 68 – The Jeep Doctor; Wheeling SoCal; the Jeep Gladiator; and Brakes!
Hello ModernJeepers, welcome to Episode Number 68 of The ModernJeeper Show… the show about Jeeps, Jeeping and Jeepers. The Jeep Doctor, Dave Thompson, joins us this week from Temecula, California to talk about Jeeps! From his CJ-7, to his YJ “Mayhem”, to drag racing in the 90’s, Dave shares with us... Read more
[pics] The Moab Rim Trail, Moab, Utah
Not the easiest trail in Moab, but one of the most scenic! Rated a solid “7” by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, the trail consists of rock, sand and considerable slickrock with many steps exceeding 48”. Steep inclines and declines are prevalent. Enhanced off road equipment is required including working... Read more
Jeep Gladiator is the Truck of the Year!
FCA execs state that the “Gladiator is 100 percent Jeep and 100 percent truck”! And we agree! Each year Four Wheeler puts a number of vehicles against each other to determine who comes out on top of the best the off-road industry has to offer. Four Wheel put the... Read more
The ModernJeeper Show, Ep. 66 – [Winching 101] The Everything WARN Tech Episode!
Hello ModernJeepers, welcome to Episode Number 66 of The ModernJeeper Show… the show about Jeeps, Jeeping and Jeepers. We are another week closer to getting back out on our favorite trails and to our favorite events! This week, Jessy, Matson and myself get a chance to talk with one of the... Read more
[pics & vid] Quick Tech – Change that Differential Oil!
Other than typically being a messy job, changing the oil in your differentials is really pretty simple. While axles vary in configuration, most share the same basic traits: a number of bolts securing a cover and a drain and/or fill plug. If we were talking about a Ford 9″... Read more
The ModernJeeper Show, Ep. 65 – Gadgets, Wiring, Events and Jeeping!
Hello ModernJeepers, welcome to Episode Number 65 of The ModernJeeper Show… the show about Jeeps, Jeeping and Jeepers. 65 Podcasts! Oh Baby, we’ve come a long way and have covered a lot of ground over the past 15 months. Each day we feel like we are one step closer to getting back... Read more
[pics] Events! What We Know and What We Look Forward To!
2019 was a year of attending events that we had not been to in the past. During 2019, the MetalCloak CTI Tour travelled to 20 of the larger off-road events around the country, covering more than 41,000 miles. 2020, while starting off with a bang, has changed the Jeep... Read more
REWIND: Techniques to Avoid Getting Stuck!
Editor’s Note: Originally posted in 2017, we take a look back at timeless, tried and true techniques that work! Welcome to our 2nd installment of helpful information to get us on and off the trails safely! Taken from our friends at the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association where Off Road... Read more