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2017 Metalcloak Stampede… It’s Anyone’s Game 2017 Metalcloak Stampede… It’s Anyone’s Game
Located at the Prairie City SVRA in Northern CA on June 9th & 10th, Ultra4 Racing held their 2017 Metalcloak Stampede as a part... 2017 Metalcloak Stampede… It’s Anyone’s Game

Located at the Prairie City SVRA in Northern CA on June 9th & 10th, Ultra4 Racing held their 2017 Metalcloak Stampede as a part of their West Coast race series. This short course offered two miles of dirt, altered with obstacles to evade an array of tubed chassis and four-wheel drive off-road motorists. The weather played fair during both days, providing comfortable racing conditions for both drivers and spectators.

Friday surprised many as the day unfolded. Causing some of the best to adjust their hard-earned quest to their final day of racing. Several drivers mainly of the 4400 class, experience lots of engine issues. Shannon Campbell #5, lost his engine during practice, and ended up borrowing an old IFS car from The Gomez Brothers… Loren Healy #67 lost oil pressure after qualifying, thought to be due to a bad bearing, and ended up “renting” a car from Epic Racing… Jason Scherer #76, suffered engine failure, wouldn’t you know it… in the pits! Jason would not be able to qualify on Friday which would cost him a rear start on Saturday morning but that wouldn’t slow him down as he passed every car in his prelim by the end of lap 2, which secured him the top spot in his prelim.

4400 Class – Winner Levi Shirley from Kansas had the pole position in the main. By the fifth lap, competitor Jason Scherer was in the lead. With 3 laps remaining, Scherer would lose oil pressure and was forced to call his race. For the next three laps Shirley had to run fast yet conservative to hold off competitors Wayland Campbell and Tom Wayes who were all fighting for the top spot. By the time 12 laps were completed, Levi accomplished what he set out to do and finished at the top of his class.

4400 Race Results
* 1st Place: Levi Shirley
* 2nd Place: Wayland Campbell
* 3rd Place: Tom Wayes

4800 Class – 20-year-old Bailey Cole would dominate his class from the very start at the Metalcloak Stampede. Not to mention, earning his first Ultra4 win in the United States. Winning his prelim and qualifying on the pole, both he and his co-driver felt confident the car was perfect for the course. Running second during the first lap in the main, Cole went slightly off line through the first rock pile and got a flat tire. He pulled into the hot pit for a tire change and re-entered the race in 8th place. “I went into full kill mode” he exclaimed. Man on a mission, Cole started picking off cars one by one. Three laps left and only two more cars to pass, he caught up to the car in second position and made the pass.

4800 Race Results
* 1st Place: Bailey Cole
* 2nd Place: Justin Day
* 3rd Place: Kyle Wickham

4600 Class – Ben Varozza #4612, has been racing Ultra4 for 6 years now and so far, racing the Metalcloak Stampede has been one of his best races yet! Although he prefers the short course, Varozza still fears making a mistake in front of a big crowd. With zero mistakes, the number 4612 started out in pole position for the main. Fellow competitor Michael Lee in the SAVVY car jumped ahead into a pretty good lead in the rocks. Varozza admitted racing with the SAVVY car made for an exciting race, “It was fun to catch up with him.” It wasn’t long after Varozza’s 2nd or 3rd lap that he passed the SAVVY car to maintain his lead and finish first.

4600 Race Results
* 1st Place: Ben Varozza
* 2nd Place: Michael Lee
* 3rd Place: Albert Contreras

4500 Class- You can bet Jordan Pellegrino, has no regrets racing at the Metalcloak Stampede for the first time. Taking extra precautions in maintaining his race car, and paying attention to detail, truly paid off. Not driving his hardest, Pellegrino ended up in second during qualifying and was content with that. Looking for a smooth and clean race in his prelim, he ended up in first, giving him the pole position for the main. Driving hard but without overdriving the car, Pellegrino kept his cool as competitor Justin Hall passed him in the 1st rock section. Less than two laps in, mechanical issues would halt Justin Halls quest for the win, giving Pellegrino the opportunity to make the pass and hold steady for the rest of the race in first place. Crossing the finish line 3 minutes ahead of second place finisher Kevin Stearns, Jordan adds, “It was a true race of attrition and longevity.”

4500 Race Results
* 1st Place: Jordan Pellegrino
* 2nd Place: Kevin Stearns
* 3rd Place: Shawn Rants

4900UTV-Only his fifth race in the car, Casey Scherer simply wasn’t going to give up. after taking the pole in qualifying on Friday, Scherer was taken out by another competitor in the prelims which cost him a rear start for the main. Even after being placed in the back of the pack, Scherer passed them all making his way back to where he belonged… in the front. “I noticed right away that everyone was bunched up to the inside of the corner so I drove around the outside and passed eight cars. I was then in third position.” Pushing on, Scherer seized an opportunity to drive into first position on lap 5, after fellow competitor Darian Gomez lost a drive belt ending his race. “What a win”, shouted Scherer.

4900UTV Race Results
* 1st Place: Casey Scherer
* 2nd Place: Greg Uffens
* 3rd Place: Matt Lippman

Ultra4 Racing… it’s like air, you never tire of breathing it.

Shana Whitford Motorsports Contributor

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