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W.E. Rock Grand Nationals Is Here! W.E. Rock Grand Nationals Is Here!
Message from Big Rich Klein, CEO/President of WE Rock Events  The 2020 WE ROCK Grand Nationals will take place September 12th-13th, at the Three... W.E. Rock Grand Nationals Is Here!
Message from Big Rich Klein, CEO/President of WE Rock Events 

The 2020 WE ROCK Grand Nationals will take place September 12th-13th, at the Three Peaks Recreational Area, in Cedar City Utah.Well, somehow we’ve made it to the Grand Nationals in 2020…

This year has really been something else altogether, but here we are and we are ready.2020 sees us in Cedar City this year on the rock formations at Three Peaks. One of the oldest competition sites in the U.S. We are projecting one of the largest rock crawling events in years for our Grand Nationals. 60 teams is a very real possibility.
Using a section of rocks we have not used in years makes this an even playing field for all teams involved. Big drops, larger climbs, and hair raising side hills await the teams making their way to Three Peaks.

Weather is calling for the mid-’80s during the days and nightly lows in the high 50’s. 2 great announcers teaming up to keep all informed on the action. Plenty of volunteers to help keep the action going and lots of teams to provide that action will make this an event to remember.
You won’t want to miss this weekend of crawling.
Registered drivers
Unlimited Class
Craig Allen Allen Racing 595 595
Pro Mod Class
Chris Mercer Rabid Squirrel 92
James Dunham 830 Motorsports 830
Jared Neff Hooked Triangle Racing 775
Victor Buness krawltekracing 72

Sportsman Class
Anthony Passarge Kowabunga Racing 69
Bill Stayner Hopefab 11
Bob Dixon N/A 4740
Brian Gray Team Chaos 3113
Brian Yates Brian Yates Drywall 27
Charlie Vacha Blind Squirrel Racing 1941
Chris McKenzie Crawler Ready 619
Christian Chandler Bad omen 2.0 553
Clinton Cressler Urado Rocks 42
Dave Poulsen Poulsen Motorsports 714P
Jared Heller Giverthebeans racing 199
Jewell Jenkins JenCor Racing 4
Joe Carmean 2CG Motorsports 13
John Mad Cow Hembel Mad Cow 13
Justin Anderson Team Boober 79
Katelynn Boren Krazy Ks 1104
Kendra Winters Pebble Chimp Rock Ape 81
MacKenzie Duncan Renegade Rocksports 17
Michael Brassinini Buffalo Mtn Builders 79
Robert Wonsey Roxtartrux 6178
Steve Allard Sickminded Racing 8888
Steve Marquardt Steve Marquardt 41
Thomas Dixon 474motorsports 474
Ty Snow Roxtar 7583
Uriel Varela Team Ballistic 98

Mike Welch Team welch 111
Jax Bernal JaxProof Enterprises 25
Additional Competitors attend each event, pre-registration is not required.
What is W.E. ROCK? 
The sport of World Extreme Rock Crawling or W.E. ROCK as it is known to our fans is all about challenging driver and machine. Competitors build amazing vehicles to drive over the most extreme obstacles our world renowned course designer can dream up. You will see vehicles perform maneuvers you never thought possible. Conquering large boulders, steep climbs, rock ledges and massive drops, all while avoiding strategically placed cones. Depending on the class the competitors choose to compete in their vehicle must follow some basic build rules and safety requirements. The rules are designed to keep each class fair while allowing the builder freedom to engineer the most competitive vehicle they can. Once on the course the driver and spotter have 10 minutes to navigate 3-4 gates (set of cones) without hitting any cones and as few backups as possible. Each cone hit or backup they take adds points to their score and the team with the lowest score wins. The courses are designed to provide the most action for the spectators throughout the weekend and force drivers to push what they have built to the limits. For more information, visit
Event Sponsors:
Contact Rich Klein, 530-417-5333 for information about becoming a marketing partner.

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