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The Top Three Podcast Episodes Thus Far! The Top Three Podcast Episodes Thus Far!
If you have been a follower of the ModernJeeper Show for a long time, you know that the show traverses all over the place.... The Top Three Podcast Episodes Thus Far!

If you have been a follower of the ModernJeeper Show for a long time, you know that the show traverses all over the place. While we do talk a lot about our beloved Jeeps, we also talk about things that are relevant throughout the industry at the time we are recording. This week, as most of the country takes a break between the Christmas and New Years holiday, we take a look back at the top 3 most downloaded episodes out of the 146 episodes that we have recorded so far!

If you haven’t yet listening to any of the Podcasts, this will be a good place and time to start!

We hope your Christmas was amazing and that your New Year is even better! Thank you for spending your time with us!

Episode #77, Jobber Spotlight: Scott Raflo of OCD Off Road – Building Jeeps and Wheeling The Cove, comes in third on the charts!

This week while Matson is (still) stuck at his desk in Sacramento, Corey and Jessy are in Southern New Mexico transferring the pink slip to Corey’s 18 year old fully built TJ, Spike, and we are joined by Scott Raflo of Virginia’s OCD Off Road (and, yes, he is).

Scott shares with us the challenge of choosing between cash and whiskey, Lolly the Jeep, being “Ducked” vs the Handi-Corn, starting OCD off road, going from engineering as a career to marketing to building Jeeps, customers doing the COVID-19 pow wow in the parking lot, why he misses Virginia’s redneck roots, wheeling the Cove, East Coast Granite, doing the TAT and his favorite mod under $100.

And we have another great Tech Tip of the Week — Understanding Jeep body armor, it’s purpose and how to choose what you need – including helpful tips on using it as a tool for better wheeling.

Episode #134, enters the chart at #2! Guided Tours, Traveling the US, Van Life, the Rivian Truck and the ModernJeeper $5000 Giveaway begins by us getting ready for the ModernJeeper Adventure on the San Juans of Colorado, and Matson is stuck at MC World Headquarters.

And in their usual unscripted form, the conversation wanders all over the place… see if you can catch when they actually start talking about Jeeps.

The fun conversation spans backyards, closed trails, DMVs, Canada, guided tours, traveling the US, Van Life, the Rivian truck, RayBans, subscription boxes and the brand called You.

And our top Episode thus far is Episode #135, Black Bear Pass, a Near Fatal Rollover and why the Bronco May be the Most Dangerous 4×4 Ever!

Corey, Jessy and Matson dive right in this week after the ModernJeeper Adventure in the San Juans of Colorado… staring the conversation with awesome feedback from an attendee. Then we dive into some serious discussions about the state of offloading including the near fatal accident on Black Bear Pass this last weekend, why the Bronco may be the most dangerous 4×4 every built, how to prevent people from doing dumb stuff, gatekeepers vs SUVs, built rigs without talent, maturing out of extreme trails, having no regrets, listening to your instincts and a little known fact about seatbelts.


We truly appreciate EVERY SINGLE one of you that have joined us along this journey, and we can’t wait to share with you all of the exciting things to come in 2022 – It’s Time To Escape!

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After 23 years of corporate life, I decided to pursue my passions in the off road industry. Specializing in marketing, visibility, relationship and brand building, and acting as MetalCloak's field marketing representative, I have travelled across the country (quite a few times!) using Metalcloak’s CTI (Corner Travel Index) to educate the off road enthusiast. I have also worked with Jeep Jamboree USA as event staff, to provide additional value and education to its participants. I've been fortunate enough to work with both international as well as domestic media; have attended most of the off-road events across our country; and have driven a wide variety of vehicles. I'm a certified PADI scuba instructor and have a BS in Computer Science.