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The Newest Jeep Event: The ADK Jeep Invasion The Newest Jeep Event: The ADK Jeep Invasion
Being in the industry does have its perks, and traveling 300 days a year can be very challenging. So we have seen and been... The Newest Jeep Event: The ADK Jeep Invasion

Being in the industry does have its perks, and traveling 300 days a year can be very challenging. So we have seen and been to a few events, but when an opportunity comes up to see or visit something or someplace new, we get excited! From places we have been to places we have never seen, it’s ever changing scenery and new Jeep family faces may not be for everyone, but I love it. Yes it is hard hard work and it always looks like we are having a lot of fun, but believe me, we work super hard and we are seldom ever “off”. Once in a while we get a few hours of time to enjoy a few of the things an area we are in…but…back to my point…


I have been to New York a few times but it has always been in NYC, in the big city, never upstate. I never thought of New York to have so much to offer that is not the big city life. When Corey said we were going to Lake George in the woods, I was totally not into it. I was like ok this is going to be stupid…but ok here we go 🙂

When we left Pennsylvania and headed toward a place I’ve never been, like Lake Erie and the Great Lakes, my expectations were low. We stop for the night right outside Lake Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania (go figure). We couldn’t really see the Lake, which was fine, but work was calling and we needed internet access! After all, we are on a mission to a new venue. That evening I started poking around on google maps and I see a place right up the road that I had always wanted to visit. I say out loud, “Hey, if we are going this way and have a day can we stop?”…and I get the look. You know, the look of “will you stop…I was trying to surprise you”. One thing about me…I am very very hard to surprise, or I will figure it out without even knowing it was supposed to be a surprise. Real life stories let me tell ya. So off we go to Niagara Falls…let me say how excited I was.

It was so not like the movies, like everyone thinks, but nonetheless beautiful and amazing. We took a few hours to do the touristy things and got back in the truck to keep going up deep into New York. I felt at times I was in Arkansas and Tennessee. I never knew New York could be like this.

As we got closer to our destination, I sat back, took a deep breath and tried to settle into the landscape. I tell myself to enjoy the ride and look at the beauty and stop questioning that he is taking me into the woods to be stuck with no cell service. Being away from service and wifi, while sometimes good, can also be stressful, especially while planning upcoming schedules and events, answering emails, keeping up on social media, writing and so on. I had to work to just sit and relax for a minute! Then Corey tells me that there is horseback riding at this venue… I’m in!

We start entering some winding roads and tall huge “hills” of the Adirondack mountains with trees, dense forests making arches above the roads. We come into a clearing or pasture where I see some Jeeps and vendors. It’s a nice little field with a gorgeous background of the Hudson River and the mountains. Train tracks line the side of the roads along the path, a small simple town lifestyle out in the woods.  I start to feel the excitement as we get 1 mile down the road to a huge opening where the 1000 Acre Ranch sign comes into the clearing. Stay tuned for a full story on this place!

The ranch is huge and the new owners are bringing it back to its old glory from the 50s. I feel like my childhood is coming back from going to church camp during a few of my summers as a kid. The property is amazing and the staff and amenities were a great getaway from all the noise.

The event was a great success with over 20 vendors and over 300 Jeeps, even with the New York COVID restrictions in place. The trail rides were fun and scenic, and the participants all enjoyed themselves.

Lake George is a huge vacation destination for boating, steam boat tours on the lake, foodies and family fun activities. I’m sure next year will be even better. I am definitely looking forward to coming back, it is on my list of top places! 


Jessy Greenland Content Creator / MC event coordinator

Offroad Enthusiast, Aspiring Pro Offroad Racer, Hair stylist, Writer and Photographer. Rockstar Jeep Girl Racing. Oklahoma Offroad Chicks. Ladies Offroad Network Local Leader and Ambassador.

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