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The BlueRibbon Coalition Unveils New Logo! The BlueRibbon Coalition Unveils New Logo!
EDITOR’S NOTE: Please visit the website and get involved! Changes are coming that will affect us all! BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC), the national nonprofit leading... The BlueRibbon Coalition Unveils New Logo!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please visit the website and get involved! Changes are coming that will affect us all!

BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC), the national nonprofit leading the fight for access to recreation on public lands, unveiled a new logo today. At the heart of this logo campaign was a desire to reflect BRC’s 35-year-standing as the guardians of recreational access throughout the United States. The new logo solidifies the organization’s desire to protect and defend the pursuit of happiness via the public’s right to explore and adventure on public lands.

The chosen logo is not just a cosmetic change for the organization, it reflects a renewed commitment to what makes BRC a unique and necessary arm in the coalition of nonprofits committed to keeping public lands open and accessible for all. Since BRC’s inception, the organization has been pivotal in legal battles, legislative action, and grassroots advocacy. BRC has a proven history of taking on and overcoming challenges to public access in the most beloved parts of this country. These wins include legal battles in Yellowstone and Lake Mead, and ongoing challenges in areas such as Moab and Lake Powell. BRC is one of the only land use organizations to win a US Supreme Court Case in defense of recreational use of public land. The organization represents over 700,000 recreationists from every state in the nation.

The goal of the new logo is to create something proudly displayed and easily recognized when used legislatively, legally, and via grassroots efforts. The staff and the board of BRC also sought to create a logo that reflected the strength of the organization that members would proudly represent on their vehicles and wear with confidence. After evaluating more than 140 proposed logos presented by dozens of professional designers, the BlueRibbon Shield was chosen as a strong, simple, and easily recognizable symbol to represent BRC in their ongoing role as guardians of our right to recreate.

Look for this logo on BRC’s social media channels, web site, and in their current campaigns, which include “Defend Your Ground” and “Fight for Every Inch.” With the current National administration’s goal of “30 by 30” protecting 30% of US Lands from the public by 2030, the fight for our right to public lands has never been more volatile and BRC’s cause never clearer and more necessary than right now.

Fight for Every Inch Against 30×30

The 30×30 campaign is a major effort to lock up 30% of the nation’s land by the year 2030. Anyone who has read the details of how this plan will be implemented understands it is a clear effort to lock the American people out of their land. While there is no legislation to designate these exact parameters, the way 30×30 proponents will achieve this goal is through restrictive land use designations. There will be no bill that is presented to the federal legislature to lock up 30% of the land. These extreme groups will slowly do this, working around the clock, to designate monuments, wilderness, wilderness study areas and areas with wilderness characteristics. These designations come sometimes through executive orders, but in many cases they will come through land agency management plans. We created the Fight for Every Inch campaign to create a movement to push back!

National Monuments: Recently the Biden Administration used the Antiquities Act to designate national monuments in Southern Utah. Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears are a crucial piece to the 30×30 puzzle.

Utah leadership is preparing a lawsuit to fight back against these designations. You can add your voice to many others letting the Governor and Attorney General know that we support them in these efforts.

Wilderness: Wilderness is the most restrictive form of land management and has to be designated through congress. There are currently several bills in Western states that would designate wilderness.

BRC is actively tracking all of these bills. You can learn about Wilderness proposals in Montana here.

For those wishing to learn more about BRC, or contribute to their efforts, please visit:


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