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The 50th SCORE Baja 1000 The 50th SCORE Baja 1000
Have you ever wanted to see the inside of a Trophy Truck? How about wondering what “Contingency” is all about at a big race?... The 50th SCORE Baja 1000

Have you ever wanted to see the inside of a Trophy Truck? How about wondering what “Contingency” is all about at a big race?

This year we were part of Jessi Comb’s pursuit of being the first woman to drive the entire race, all 1100 plus miles, herself. Yes, there were scheduled co-drivers to keep her on track along the way, as well as 3 chase teams. Terry Hawkins and myself were Chase Team 2, responsible for what should have been from roughly Bahia de Los Angeles (Bay of LA) to San Ignacio….but this is racing and things change pretty fast.

You can read about Jessi’s experience in her own words on her website:

The race was a couple of months ago, but the images of the event are still fresh. Experiences do last a lifetime…

I’m sharing “the rest of the images”…the images that end up on the cutting room floor…from the trip into Mexico to where we stayed in Ensenada…along with lots of images of the Geiser built truck and what it’s like to roll through Contingency. Ensenada is an amazing city during the Baja race. While spectators can’t watch most of the racing that takes place, getting to spend time up close and personal with all of the racers during contingency is worth the trip down!

A HUGE shout out to BFGoodrich Racing, Raceline Wheels, AREA BFE, Mac’s Tiedowns and Rugged Radios for helping make this trip possible!

Be Sure to check out ModernJeeper on SmugMug as well!

Thanks for looking and like they say in racing…”There’s always next time…”


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