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[catie’s corner] Jeeping Around Mount Rainier!
VOLCANOES, GLACIERS, DENSE FORESTS AND JEEPING FUN During my time in the Pacific Northwest, I took a few trips to the iconic Mount Rainier. This active stratovolcano hovers over Washington state at over 14,400 feet! During the summer it is quite common to still see snow on top due... Read more
[catie’s corner] Jeeping Through The San Juan Islands of Washington
TAKING THE JEEP “SAILING” AND ISLAND HOPPING To say farewell to the Pacific Northwest, I visited the iconic San Juan Islands. This group of islands is gorgeous!!! Each island I visited was unique in its own way. The main island, (San Juan Island) has all your restaurants, shops and awesome nature... Read more
[pics][catie’s corner] Jeeping Adventure and Exploring the Olympic Peninsula
BEACHES, TREES, SPANISH MOSS, DRIFTWOOD AND COASTAL HIGHWAY During my time in Washington, I was super excited to explore the Olympic Peninsula. This area is home to beaches, woods, and even a rainforest! The lakes and streams had the clearest water I’ve seen yet. It really is a PNW... Read more