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3 Phases of Breaking in Noobs to Wheel Right and Save Trails
There are many ways you can help a newbie… Keeping our Jeeping and four-wheeling sports alive means we all have to wheel smart, pay attention to our line, put on a good show, hold up a positive image and make sure the newbies do the same – among other... Read more
How to 4×4 Indoctrinate Your Kids [pics] — Part 2
In Part 1, we talked about the value of giving your kids the right kind of indoctrination — the 4×4 kind.  We covered 4×4 events, getting them an RC rock crawler and wrenching!   Now let’s get on the trail… 4. TAKE THEM WHEELING I realize that at first, you... Read more
[pics & vid] The Ladies Off Road Trail Training Tour
CHARLENE BOWER ON THE ROAD WITH TRAINING EXTRAVAGANZA   Charlene Bower is a noted off-roader, writer, ModernJeeper, media guru and founder of the Ladies Off Road Network. This year she committed to taking the Ladies Off Road Trail Training to 75 4WP locations across the country. Halfway done, Charlene... Read more
[pics] Story Told! Land Use Guy from the Navy
We asked ModernJeeper contributor, author and land use advocate Todd Ockert to tell his story.  We featured him a while back as one of our veteran heroes, but his land use tale is worth hearing.  Like some others, he served our country to maintain our freedoms and now he... Read more
Kansas Rocks with Off-Road Education
BRINGING FUN AND EDUCATION FROM THE “ROCKS” — KSROCKS! Special to ModernJeeper by David Killion At Kansas Rocks Recreation Park, we have developed a beginner Off Road 101 course to help new people in the sport learn the right way to enjoy off roading and the beautiful outdoors. It... Read more