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Jeep Look-Alike Looks Too Much Alike — Roxor vs. Jeep
Go ahead, ModernJeepers, say it! The Mahindra Roxor is just a UTV (side by side) with more payload than a Willys and a cool look. Ooops. That cool look has them in trouble again. If you think it looks like an old Willys Jeep, you’re right. That’s not an... Read more
Jeep Scores in Legal Spat with Mahindra
JEEP TAKES A SMALL WIN AGAINST THE ROXOR Special from Automotive News The legal battle between Jeep and Mahindra won’t stop the Indian automaker from showing its vehicles at the 2019 Detroit auto show, but the company’s long-term prospects for continuing to sell the Roxor in the U.S. are... Read more