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MJ Destinations: 3 Days in The Mojave National Preserve – Day Two
One of the best parts of ANY Adventure is discovering new things. Whether it’s new places, new people, new scenery or just finding a new perspective from which to see things. Traveling for many folks can be intimidating, especially when venturing out into the unknown…but it shouldn’t be. Every... Read more
[pics] The World’s Longest Art Gallery Seen from a Jeep
Flashback Friday from 2015 as we revisit a very special place you can see from your Jeep — Nine Mile Canyon of Utah.  Take your binoculars, hiking boots, and a camera as you will be amazed. The Editors A Jeep Trip to Nine Mile Canyon, Utah The red canyon... Read more
Imagine Four-Wheeling with the Ancient Ones, Part II
A Jeeping into History Lifestyle Story, cont’d. In Part I we covered ways to find rock art and the excitement of using your jeep to get to one of the many forms: Petroglyphs, Pictographs or Geoglyphs.  Remember that petroglyphs are etched in rock; pictographs are painted on rock; and... Read more
Imagine Four-Wheeling with the Ancient Ones (Part I)
A Jeeping into History Lifestyle Story The sun glared off the Jeep windshield as I tried to negotiate some ugly volcanic rocks in the Nevada desert, just outside Virginia City.  As I could not see the trail all that well (maybe the 2 inches of trail dust on the... Read more