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The Three Wise Men of Leadership, Landuse and Life
A Formula for a Successful Volunteer To begin with, there is no gender-bias in this article. I am referring to the Biblical reference of the scholarly Kings bearing gifts (Christmas). But here we are talking about YOUR three wise “men” – the ones who will bring you gifts of... Read more
4 Magical Steps to Successful Planning by Visualization
For Jeeping Events, Projects, Trail Cleanups and Meetings/Conventions Visualization is a term I use to describe the mental/visual step by step process to “see” your event, trail cleanup, conference/meeting or project before it ever takes place, then to plan for it to be successful by “seeing” the routes around... Read more
5-Step Formula for Organizational Membership Building — A Recipe for Success!
Building Membership in Associations and Clubs/Groups The strength and future of our favorite modes of off-pavement recreation are going to rely on organized clubs and groups. That is not to say that individuals (non-joiners) cannot make a difference; the individual is what this country is all about. But it... Read more
4 Fundamental Steps of Basic Supervision of Volunteers
Basic Supervision of People and Volunteers Strong, solid, organized supervision of people, especially volunteers will ensure your cause or project is a success.  In this article, I will explain the military and the fire service simple four step process for successful supervision: • Plan • Organize • Direct •... Read more
[pics] It’s Time! Step Up and Lead Volunteers
Inspire, Motivate, Facilitate – and Organize In our Jeeping, volunteer world there’s a trick to leading volunteers. We do not wear rank and cannot scream orders like we’re in the military.  We need to learn to be more nurturing and coaching, while still getting things done.  Here’s some magical... Read more
Convoy! Be a Guest-Focused Trail Leader
IF YOU LEAD A GROUP OR CONVOY, HERE’S THE 9-TIP FORMULA Four-wheeling is best enjoyed in groups. (Indeed, I stress group outings for safety reasons.) At times you will be a participant. Others times you will want to be the Trail Leader. You’re proud of your skills and want... Read more
Avoid Burnout! Concentrate Your Efforts by Managing Your Monkeys
MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR PERSONAL EFFORTS It’s encouraging to see so many recreationists getting involved these days in the land use/public lands access battles. In fact, now we face a time when some of us old land use horses are starting to sag under the burden of doing... Read more
Secrets Revealed to Leading Volunteers
Leadership “Triangle” Reveals the Secrets of Becoming a Volunteer Leader Do you yearn to be a better leader of volunteers? Are you looking for that magical formula that will keep members from dropping out of your club or not showing up to your events? Do you want to do... Read more