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Breaking it Down: Cheap Jeeps!
Advantages and Disadvantages of Five Budget Jeeps to get you into the Lifestyle   Cheap and Jeep are two words that do not go together. The old adage “Just Empty Every Pocket” is very fitting, especially when buying a brand new jeep off a dealer’s lot, not to mention... Read more
Shakin’ Hands and Makin’ Plans Keeps Us Jeepin’
NETWORKING PARTNERSHIPS IN LAND USE ELIMINATES OBSTACLES TO SAVING TRAILS We all have partnerships, whether it is in our personal life, our business relationships, or our land use organizational management.  One definition of partnership says it’s a mutually beneficial relationship involving close cooperation and joint objectives. As the Past... Read more
Fix Your Trail Communication Woes with Rugged
Note: This article is a product review (with radio mounting tips) that does not cover the FCC licensing requirements in-depth or how to be a HAM operator.  The Editors Staying in Touch Have you ever had that moment on a ModernJeeper trip when you just wanted to throw out your... Read more