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Breaking!  Don Amador Receives Federal Appointment
MODERNJEEPER CONTRIBUTOR AND SUPPORTER DON AMADOR APPOINTED TO CALIFORNIA RAC Noted advocate and ModernJeeper contributor Don Amador was appointed to the Central California Resource Advisory Council (RAC) on February 28, 2019 by Acting Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt.     Don will serve a 3-year term representing off-highway... Read more
Warning!  Bureaucracy Requires Give and Take to Win with Jeeping Trails
KEEPING JEEPING TRAILS OPEN MEANS LEARNING TO GIVE AND TAKE WITH LAND USE BUREAUCRATS For the uninitiated, there can be little as frustrating as your first experience with a heated issue and bureaucracy. But it doesn’t have to be too bad and you just might get what you want... Read more
Let’s Stop Losing Trails to Bureaucracy
How to Win with Bureaucrats and Politicians Effectively Here are some tips for dealing with bureaucrats in order to make a little headway with them (I speak from experience on both sides…. I was one). I served in government service for over 32 years; 26 of those in the... Read more