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Still Looking For Holiday Gifts? Still Looking For Holiday Gifts?
Have you looked at the new and improved Mopar Store? Did you know there was an online store built by our beloved manufacturer? Well,... Still Looking For Holiday Gifts?

Have you looked at the new and improved Mopar Store? Did you know there was an online store built by our beloved manufacturer? Well, there is! And its been updated and revised and is ready for your gift (or upgrade) buying dollars.

There are a ton of item if you do some digging around. In fact, you might even learn a few things about Jeep that you didn’t know!

Jeep® was originally an unofficial US Army slang term for a new prototype light vehicle. By 1941, it had come to represent the main light 4×4 of the US military and the Allied Forces of World War II. In 1945, the Willys-Overland company started manufacturing the first CJ or Civilian Jeep Brand models in Toledo, Ohio. The first Jeep CJ-5 appeared in 1954, with the first Jeep SJ Wagoneer following in 1962. Jeep DJ models were available soon after, in the 1970s and 1980s. The heirs to these legacies are now models like Jeep Wrangler, which came out in 1987, Jeep Grand Cherokee, which appeared in 1993, and Jeep Liberty, which released in 2002.

Branded shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies (starting at $19.95 – see link): Available in a variety of styles and sizes for women and men.

20-ounce tundra bottle ($28.95 – see link): Vacuum-insulated bottle is made from stainless steel with copper lining and features a Mopar timeline logo in black, blue and white.

Mopar ugly holiday sweater ($66.95 – see link): Custom-knit design sweater features various Mopar logos with engine and racing icons, surrounded by blue and white snowflakes. The Omega M-stacked Mopar logo is front and center and each sleeve carries the 426 Hellephant crate engine logo. Available in sizes small to 3X.

Backpack duffel bag ($149.95 – see link): This versatile, hybrid bag doubles as a backpack and duffel bag with enough separate pockets for travel needs, including laptop, shoes and laundry.

All-weather floor mats (sets starting at $170 – see link to Ram 1500 set): All-weather floor mats feature high-wall, bucket-style construction in order to provide maximum coverage and to protect floor areas from wetness, snow, mud, dirt and grime.


There is an extensive online catalog of more than 500,000 quality-tested, factory-backed parts and accessories, Mopar also offers a variety of branded gear, apparel and merchandise and it lets you shop by model and year of your rig…and it appears they even have items in stock! They even have a specific section for us!

For Jeep enthusiasts (see additional gift ideas from JPP):

JPP grab handles (82215523AC | $40.35 – see link): To assist entry and exit from the vehicle, this pair of grab handles attaches to the front or rear sport bar and features a sculpted overmold for comfortable fit, complete with a Jeep grille logo.

JPP beadlock-capable wheel (77072466AB | $395/each – see link): Measuring 17 by 8 inches, the beadlock-capable wheel features dual-bead seats. The outer bead of the tire can be mounted in a compliant inner location or in the outer location as a true beadlock with purchase of a JPP beadlock-ring kit (P5160154 | $130 – see link). Wheel is satin black with a tech silver beauty ring and matching center cap.


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